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Unforgotten recap: What happened in series one, two, three, four and five?

Unforgotten recap: What happened in series one, two, three, four and five?

UNFORGOTTEN has been thrilling fans for five seasons, since bursting onto the scene in 2015.

Here we give you a FULL recap of the ITV crime drama, which sees the detectives solve historical murders.

ITVUnforgotten is a hit TV show that starred Nicola Walker up until the end of series four[/caption]

What happened in Unforgotten series one to four?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from series one to five of Unforgotten

Series one

In the first season of Unforgotten, a skeleton is found in a demolished house and DSI Cassie Stuart and DSI Sunny Khan are put on the case.

After finding the diary of a teenager who vanished in the 70s, called Jimmy Sullivan, the skeleton is identified to be his.

There are four suspects who are mentioned in the diary: wheelchair bound Eric, who is married to Claire and worked at Jimmy’s hostel; Father Rob who was a chaplain at the hostel; Frankie C AKA Sir Philip Cross, who used to torture people who owed an East End gang money (Jimmy owed them £50); and Lizzie who has a racist past but now helps disadvantaged young people (she stole Jimmy’s money).

Eventually Eric is charged with murdering Jimmy after another corpse, this time of a gay man, is found in his garden.

It turned out that Eric is a closeted gay man and his wife Claire murdered his past lovers – Eric then helped to bury the bodies to avoid her arrest.

Series two

In 2017 the series returned – this time to look into the remains of a Tory party fundraiser, David Walker.

He disappeared in 1989 and his remains were found in a suitcase in south east London.

It emerges that David was sexually abused as a child and at first it’s believed he died after a confrontation with his abuser.

Later it’s discovered that David was a paedophile who would attack children – children who later on met in a psychiatric ward and vowed to kill each other’s abusers. One of the abusers was David.

In an effort to protect the now-adults who killed each other’s abusers, Cassie and Sunny decide to not press charges.

Meanwhile Cassie and Sunny are both single and trying to date with little success.

Series three

This time the detectives are on the hunt for a serial killer and rapist who murdered schoolgirl Hayley Reid.

Four friends renting a holiday home at the time and location of her murder are suspected.

Of the friends, one is murdered when Cassie accidentally leaves his file in a cafe, meaning her job is on the line.

It’s discovered the GP Dr Time Finch of the group is guilty – this is figured out after finding a speeding ticket he got soon after the murder and items belonging to another murdered girl being found in his home.

He confesses to killing Hayley and Cassie struggles to deal with the news.

She takes a sabbatical and decides to focus on her relationship with DCI Bentley.

Series four

The series kicked off with Cassie wanting to retire but can’t unless she wants to sacrifice her full pension.

So she returns to work with Sunny, who is investigating a headless body that’s been found frozen.

The four Unforgotten suspects – Fiona Grayson, Liz Baildon, Dean Barton, and Ram Sidhu – were once trainee coppers in the 1990s.

They were all present the night Walsh died in an allotment and they all colluded to hide the body.

Several of the suspects had had direct contact with Walsh a few weeks prior to his disappearance.

However, it turned out that businessman Dean was the murderer as he did it to avenge his brother, who had been killed my Walsh.

Sadly the series took another tragic twist when Cassie was killed in a car accident.

Season five

Season five saw the introduction of DSI Jess James (Sinéad Keenan).

Teaming up with Sunny, falling the death of Cassie, the pair got off to a rocky start, before hashing things out.

Their first case together came following the discovery of human remains in a newly renovated period property in Hammersmith, London.

After much digging it turned out that the skeleton found belonged to a drug addict and prostitute named Precious

The four people connected were are restaurateur called Ebele, an aristocrat called Sir Henry Hume, a former social worker called Karol, and a young drug addict called Jay – and they all of had reasons to kill Precious.

Ebele was her mother and they had a rocky relationship and often physically fought, while Jay was Precious’ son and was badly brought up by his mum.

Sir Henry was her biological grandfather, after he raped her grandmother – Ebele’s mother.

Lastly Precious was blackmaileing her social worker at the time Karol, after she found explicit pictures on his computer.

However, it turned out that Precious actually killed herself after she accidently fatally shot her other son Joe, during a confrontation with Sir Henry and her mother, and then turned the gun on herself.

The latter then hid the bodies, with Precious being put in the chimney and Joe being hidden in Sir Henry’s garden

But during interrogation, Jay told police Sir Henry killed his mother, and due to feeling guilt over raping Ebele’s mother, he took the blame.

The final episode ended with Sunny and Jess none the wiser that the whole thing had actually been an accident.

What will happen in Unforgotten series six?

Straight after the show ended ITV announced that Unforgotten will return for a sixth series.  

Season six will follow DI Khan and DCI James as they investigate cold cases and unsolved crimes from the past, unravelling secrets and unearthing buried truths along the way – although the exact plot is yet to be revealed.

Each of the new six episodes will be written again by Chris Lang.

In the meantime you can watch all five past seasons on ITVX right now.

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