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The View fans shocked after Whoopi Goldberg ‘makes show guest cry’ on live TV

The View fans shocked after Whoopi Goldberg ‘makes show guest cry’ on live TV

THE View’s Whoopi Goldberg has left a guest in tears on live TV.

Comedian Robin Thede thanked her for paving the way as she wiped her tears away.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg made a guest cry on live TV, as she thanked her for ‘paving the way’[/caption]

ABCComedian and actress Robin Thede said she waited her whole life to thank Whoopi[/caption]

On Wednesday’s show, Robin stopped by The View to talk about her show, A Black Lady’s Sketch Show.

Robin talked about how as a kid, she would sit in front of the TV and mimic characters.

“And actually,” she said, as she put her hands up to her face. “I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry.”

“You were the first woman that showed me Black women can play characters,” she said, as she pointed to Whoopi.

“Oh,” Whoopi said. “Oh oh oh OK.”

She sat there with her mouth hanging open as the crowd cheered.

Robin teared up and tried to blink her tears away.

“I talk about this all the time. I hope you don’t think I’m a stalker because I talk about you constantly and think I’m weird,” she said.

“But, when I saw that Broadway show on television, and you put that shirt on your head. I mean it just-.”

Robin continued: “This character. She talked about identity and how ‘I wanna be white because that’s what I’m supposed to be’ but then she came back to love herself.”

“It was funny and it was real.”

Robin’s voice cracked as she said: “I just had never seen that, so thank you. I’ve been waiting my whole life to tell you thank you.”

The crowd cheered and Whoopi remained speechless, smiling at the actress.

“I said I wasn’t going to do this. I was prepared,” Robin said, as she pulled tissues out of her dress.

“I was practicing what I was going to say to you in the back and I was like, ‘I’m not going to cry’.”

Whoopi sat speechless, and looked like she was going to say something until one of the other hosts asked another question.


Fans took to Twitter to comment on how “iconic” Whoopi was and how they cried along with Robin.

“Robin Thede crying,” wrote one fan.

“Robin Thede telling Whoopi how she inspired her is making me cry,” said another.

A third added: “Whoopi is iconic.”

“Give Whoopi her flowers,” tweeted one View fan.

“Awwww… #AuntyWhoopi is blushing from #RobinThede .. omg.. I used to put a shirt on my head because of #AuntyWhoopi .. loving this right now..,” said another.

Another Twitter user said: “I’m all teary at this moment between Robin Thede and Whoopi. So important.”

“Robin Thede thanking Whoopi Goldberg for being one of the first Black actresses to show range. This touched my spirit,” wrote one fan.

“#AuntyWhoopi aka #WhoopiGoldberg is iconic,” wrote one last fan.


Despite making guests cry, Whoopi has cried herself on The View as well.

Back in October, she choked back tears during an emotional interview live.

The talk show moderator’s emotions eventually became so intense that she was forced to change the subject.

Actor John Stamos, 59, joined The View hosts to promote season two of the Disney+ series Big Shot.

After sharing stories of raising his four-year-old son Billy with his wife Caitlin McHugh, one of which included the child waving to Whoopi at Disneyland, Whoopi revealed: “Part of the show’s storyline this season is inspired by the passing of our friend, and your former costar, Bob Saget.”

Even just mentioning the deceased comedian, who unexpectantly died in January of this year at the age of 65, causes the EGOT winner’s voice to catch in her throat.

She continued: “I didn’t see him as often as I’d like but it was huge…” Whoopi then asked John, “How you doing?”

John promptly replied: “Terrible.”

He then explained, his voice trembling: “I miss him so much.

“Part of the heartbreak of him passing so fast and the way that he did was that he didn’t, there was a tsunami of love that came out when he passed away and he didn’t know it.”

The Full House star continued: “He was pretty insecure and I just wish that all these memorials we were doing, I wish he could see it.”

Speaking to Whoopi, John voiced: “He loved you and loved being on the show.”

An emotional Whoopi responded: “I loved him. There was nobody like him, there’s nobody like him and we-“

The host stops herself, stating “Nevermind, go ahead,” as she starts to get choked up again.

Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner in Full Housepassed away at a Florida hotel on Sunday, January 9, 2022.

ABCWhoopi has cried on the show in the past as well[/caption]

ABCRobin had to wipe her tears away[/caption]

ABCWhoopi was left speechless[/caption]

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