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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia, 14, reveals her purple hair and wild new style during Tokyo getaway with mom

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia, 14, reveals her purple hair and wild new style during Tokyo getaway with mom

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia has revealed her updated style in a new video during a vacation with her mother in Tokyo.

The duo jetted off to Japan for a getaway, and Farrah shared a clip from their travels on TikTok.

TikTOk/farrahabrahamFarrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia showed off her new style in a video during her getaway to Tokyo with her mother[/caption]

TikTOk/farrahabrahamSophia showcased her purple hair and all-black ensemble in the clip while they were taking in the sights[/caption]

In it, the MTV alum showed off their gorgeous view of cherry blossom trees and the bustling city while exploring the area.

Farrah, 31, sported a salmon-colored buttoned-down top with a gray jacket, her dark locks flowing straight down and a full face of makeup as she gushed over her surroundings.

Her 14-year-old daughter was spotted in the background, recording the sights on her phone, also looking equally enamored by the city.

However, what also captured viewers’ attention was Sophia’s new look as she rocked purple highlights and a different outfit than her usual attire.

The teenager wore a loosely-fitted black long-sleeved graphic shirt, dark pants, a pair of black choker necklaces, and a cross-body bag.

She rocked heavy eye makeup and her short dark locks in tight curls with a hint of purple hair dye noticeably showing the sunlight.

Sophia gave a small smile at the camera, also showing off her numerous face piercings, including the septum piercing she received for her 13th birthday.


Teen Mom fans expressed their concern over Farrah’s behavior last month after she recorded a makeup tutorial on Live with her daughter.

While the video centered on Sophia’s hair and makeup routine, her mom Farrah kept chatting throughout the filming.

At one point, she pretended to capture viewers in a napkin she held in front of the camera while intermittently asking for monetary gifts.

She also made various sounds during the recording and sang and rapped her own lyrics loudly to music playing in the background.

Toward the end of the session, she began head-banging to her singing, and when Sophia started saying goodbye to the viewers, she grabbed her daughter’s arms to encourage her to dance.

A concerned follower quickly posted a recording of the Live to an online thread, prompting many fans to voice their worries.

One commenter summarized: “This is so bizarre.”

“I’m genuinely concerned for Sophia (and Farrah). Farrah is not ok. Someone needs to step in for them both,” added another.

A third forum user added: “It’s like she’s on fast forward. That’s not normal behavior.”

One worried fan stated: “Farrah is scary in this video. Sophia is cute and I feel bad for her since she has Farrah for a mom.”

Some people also pointed out how Farrah often interjected in her daughter’s video or physically moved her around the frame.

One such person wrote: “The chaos oh my GOD. She gets really weird and unhinged when she’s not in the frame with Sophia or Sophia is getting more attention on the lives. I didn’t like that energy. At all.”

“Farrah is trying to live VICARIOUSLY through Sophia and it’s EXTREMELY sad,” voiced another.


Just weeks earlier, Farrah’s behavior was questioned again as mom-shamers slammed her for the birthday present she gifted her only child.

The commotion started when the Teen Mom OG alum shared a compilation of photos and videos on TikTok from a tattoo parlor.

Sophia was dressed in an all-black hoodie with a goth/emo design and paired her outfit with a black and silver choker.

The middle school student combed her black and purple hair into messy curls.

Farrah uploaded footage of the birthday girl getting two snakebite piercings on her bottom lip and two new piercings on each ear.

The mom of one captioned her post: “@sophialaabraham HAPPY 14th birthday! #snakebite & #earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match your snake.”

“Can you even eat your cake?” 

Critics slammed the TV personality for allowing her daughter to get so many piercings at a young age.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly, Farrah clapped back at her critics and defended herself: “I won’t be shaming my daughter, I LOVE and support Sophia 100 percent on who and what she wants to become.

“The mom shamers should recognize what some kids will grow out of and what they [will not]. 

She added: “That’s part of a teen journey as I don’t have my belly button piercing anymore.”

Farrah concluded: “I have all the compassion for her as I wish I had as a teen.”

TikTok / Farrah AbrahamFans recently expressed their concerns for Farrah after she displayed ‘bizarre’ behavior in a video with her daughter[/caption]

TikTokShe was also recently slammed by mom-shamers for allowing Sophia to get numerous piercings for her 14th birthday[/caption]

MTVFarrah defended herself from critics in a recent interview saying she ‘supports’ her daughter ‘on who and what she wants to become’[/caption]

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