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Sister Wives’ single Meri Brown sparks concern after she drinks and parties hard in wild new live video

Sister Wives’ single Meri Brown sparks concern after she drinks and parties hard in wild new live video

FANS are concerned for Meri Brown, after she appeared to be heavily intoxicated in a live video.

The newly single Sister Wives star has been living it up since splitting from polygamist husband Kody.

Instagram /therealmeribrownMeri Brown sparked concern after her behvior at a birthday party[/caption]

Instagram /therealmeribrownThe Sister Wives star was seen sipping an unknown drink with her friend Jenn[/caption]

This weekend, Meri celebrated the 40th birthday of her best friend Jenn Sullivan.

And it looked like she may have partied a little too hardy.

As the festivities continued, the 52-year-old and her birthday bestie decided to turn the phone camera on for an Instagram live.

In the lengthy, appearance, the two laughed spontaneously, slurred their speech and struggled to keep their eyes open.

Throughout the live video, the two took sips of an unidentified liquid out of paper cups emblazoned with the number “40.”

“Happiest of birthdays to my bff, my best friend, my supporter and cheerleader, the one who says it like it is, pushes me WAY out of my comfort zone, has my back through all the shiz and all the goodness!” Meri captioned some accompanying photographs.

“So many years of snort laughter and tears, and everything in between. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

“Celebrating her with all the pink and sparkles that she loves and deserves this weekend! She’s seriously the best! Love you tons my friend!!”

However, fans online had tons of concern for Meri’s state.

“There is no way she’s not drunk!” one person exclaimed, as another agreed: “She is clearly drunk. The slur is overboard!”

A third fan slammed: “It’s okay to get tipsy every now and then, but why lie and point out for no reason that you’re not? We aren’t blind!”

While a fourth noted: “They don’t make any sense at all. They can’t covey one clear thought.”


Meri celebrated Jenn at a prom themed party.

The mother of one wore a lacy black long-sleeved top which she teamed with several black chains and heavy eyeliner as she filmed herself busting some moves.

Jenn also appeared to be having the best time ever as she danced away in her pink prom dress.

At one point, Meri waved to the camera and also panned it around to face the live band that was performing.

Her 834,000 followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“You look so much happier lately meri,” one person said, while another agreed and wrote: “She does look happy. Like a huge burden has been taken off her shoulders.”

“Yes! Meri out there living her best life,” a third fan commented, while a fourth added: “You look so happy Meri.”

Someone else responded: “You do you Meri!!! you glow with happiness. So glad you have your friends.”


It wasn’t the first time Meri seemed a little strange during a night of celebration.

Last month, she took to her page to mark St. Patrick’s Day – once again with Jenn.

Meri was seen drinking something from a reusable cup and many Instagram users accused her again of being intoxicated.

“She’s drinking again!” one person claimed in the comments, while another said: “Embarrassing.”

A third person wrote: “Wow… something is so off,” and another asked: “Omg are you drunk??”

At one point in the video, Meri held up her large cup and told Jen: “Hey, look at this! It’s green and sparkly,” but she didn’t specify what was inside the container.

She then read out a comment and said: “Am I drunk or just happy? That is called happiness. A lot of people don’t know how to do one without the other, I personally do and so does Jen!”

Instagram /therealmeribrownMeri and Jenn slurred their speech while talking to fans[/caption]

Instagram /therealmeribrownThe two celebrated Jenn’s birthday at an 80’s themed prom[/caption]

Meri also caused concern with her behavior on St. Patrick’s Day

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