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Kim Kardashian critics ‘cringe so hard’ as they spot star trying to ‘act cool’ in new video at Tokyo theme park

Kim Kardashian critics ‘cringe so hard’ as they spot star trying to ‘act cool’ in new video at Tokyo theme park

KIM Kardashian’s latest choice of slang has left her followers very entertained.

The Hulu star posted a video from her time at Universal Studios Japan, and described one rollercoaster in a unique way.

Instagram/Kim KardashianKim Kardashian was judged by fans for her ‘unnatural’ language in a new post from Japan[/caption]

The star posted a video of herself and her family and friends waiting for a rollercoaster to get movingInstagram/kimkardashian

Kim jetted to Tokyo last week with her children and sister Kourtney‘s daughter for a fun getaway.

One clip, in particular, had viewers at the edge of their seats as she showed the group preparing to ride a roller coaster.

In the video, the Kardashians star sat in the back row alongside her nine-year-old daughter, North, 10-year-old niece, Penelope, and their friend.

Kim tried to maintain her composure before the ride began, refraining from talking and even dancing in her seat upon takeoff.

The KUWTK alum admitted her fears in her caption: “Scariest ride of my life!!! But soooo much fun! The freshest part is there’s music in the seats so you can at least sing away the fear.”

However, many fans were less focused on the rollercoaster experience than on her caption.

One person reposted a screenshot of the video to Reddit, with the words: “‘The freshest part’ – I’m cringing so hard.”

Another stated: “Kim is the definition of cheugy.”

“I’m not like the other moms. I’m a cool mom,” joked one comment.

One critic added: “That’s so unnatural and forced sounding.”

A further comment agreed: “The 90s called. They want their slang back.”

Another fan admitted that they related to 42-year-old Kim, and said: “To be honest, I’d probably sound like her if I try using the latest slangs that are trending.”


In other observations of the video, some worried that Kim’s younger companions weren’t enjoying their time in Tokyo.

Penelope’s fans noticed that the preteen looked “sad” as she waited for the ride to take off.

One wrote: “Penelope looks really sad in this photograph, or pissed. It’s sad seeing them like that with all their privilege.”

Another added: “She looks 100 per cent over it,” and a third posted: “Those two kids to [Kim’s] right look so f**king done.”

Yet another user pointed out: “Yeah wtf no one is having fun.”

Kim also posted a TikTok in which North looked uncharacteristically somber during their visit to a bamboo forest on Monday.

North also drew attention with her pricey accessories during their vacation.

She wore an $895 Hello Kitty x Judith Leiber crystal clutch and an Olympia Le-Tan milk carton bag worth $905 on a day out.

INSTAGRAM/kimkardashianCritics pointed out that her use of ‘the freshest’ left them ‘cringing’[/caption]

Instagram/Kim KardashianKardashian fans worried after they noticed that Penelope looked ‘sad’ in snaps from the trip[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/kimkardashianNorth looked similarly straight-faced in some photos as she showed off her $895 clutch and $905 bag[/caption]

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