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Jinger Duggar shows off her toned figure as she breaks dad Jim Bob’s strict dress code in skintight outfit for new pic

Jinger Duggar shows off her toned figure as she breaks dad Jim Bob’s strict dress code in skintight outfit for new pic

JINGER Duggar has publicly slammed her parents by ignoring their strict dress code in a new photo.

Jinger, 29, posted a photo to her Instagram Story where she’s promoting a new matching set she bought on Amazon.

Instagram/jingervuoloJinger Duggar broke her family’s strict dress code on her Instagram Story[/caption]

TLCThe dress code in her family is enforced by her father Jim Bob[/caption]

The set is a gorgeous light brown color with light pink and white stripes on the sweatshirt, and it flatters her athletic figure.

The Fixmatti Women’s 2 Piece Outfits set retails for $42.97 on Amazon and only comes in sizes small through x-large, but it does come in over a dozen colors.

The Counting On star paired the outfit with light pink sneakers, and she had her hair pulled back for a sporty look.

She captioned the post: “Okay. I love this set I just grabbed on Amazon. It’s so comfy,” and then she linked the outfit.

Although the outfit is very cute and looks amazing on the TLC alum, the women in the Duggar family are not allowed to wear pants.


Jinger recently released a book titled Becoming Free Indeed that has driven a wedge between herself and her family.

The memoir slams her upbringing and reveals all about life in the “cult-like” church, including the dress code that was push upon her.

Jinger revealed during a Fox News interview that the book has received an “interesting” reaction from her siblings and parents.

“We’ve had lots of conversations about our differences,” she said.

“Some received it better than others for sure, but at the end of the day, I know they just want what’s best for me. Even though my parents are still in IBLP.”

However, it has been noted that Jinger’s achievements haven’t been publicly celebrated by her parents.

All 19 siblings were raised within the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a nondenominational Christian organization that has been accused of being a cult.

The organization was founded by disgraced minister Bill Gothard in 1961, the IBLP preaches strict modesty laws and ultra-conservative beliefs.

Her cousin Amy has publicly celebrated her memoir, praising her for “using her voice” to speak out against her family’s “cult-like” beliefs.

“I knew she was writing a book and I’m proud of her,” Amy exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

“She’s speaking up, she’s using her voice, and she’s doing just fine [since leaving]. She’s got a huge following and that’s awesome.”


Back in February, Jinger was on the Tamron Hall show to discuss Becoming Free Indeed.

Jinger posted a vicious clip from her interview with Tamron where she criticizes her parent’s Jim Bob and Michelle‘s strict dress code.

She said: “This story I’m telling is, you can’t put up all of these outward standards and rules and say that’s going to do anything. It’s not.

“Your heart has to be changed from the inside out and only Jesus can truly change that.”

On her Instagram Stories, Jinger also showed off her new, light hair and wrote: Last week of interviews before the weekend.

“So excited to share these conversations with you all.”

The 29-year-old’s fans were thrilled to see her forging her own path in life, but some think she’s doing the bare minimum and said so in her Instagram comments.

“So much bible talk. That’s the only thing to me that doesn’t make her interviews Absolutely amazing but that’s the language she speaks and that’s what she knows,” one person wrote.

A second commented: “Am I the only one that feels that her dad has had ‘problems’ with his daughters once they’ve been married & changed their ‘outward standards’?”

Someone else said: “This isn’t any news flash, we already knew this I’m sorry your family tried to steer you astray.”

Instagram/jingervuoloJinger has made a habit of ignoring her father’s strict dress code[/caption]

Instagram/@jeremy_vuoloJinger has slammed some of her family’s values as ‘cult-like’[/caption]

Instagram/Jinger DuggarJinger wrote a tell-all book called Becoming Free Indeed to share her experience with her family[/caption]

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