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Elle Fanning wows in dazzling sheer dress ahead of The Great’s new series

Elle Fanning wows in dazzling sheer dress ahead of The Great’s new series

ELLE Fanning is dressed to Empress as she’s set to reprise her role of Catherine II of Russia.

The actress plays the historical figure in comedy The Great.

Harper’s BazaarElle posed in this dazzling sheer structured dress for her latest shoot[/caption]

Harper’s BazaarShe talked of show The Great and how she’s grown close to character Catherine while playing her in her formative years[/caption]

The third series will drop on Hulu on May 12.

Elle, 24, posed in a sheer, structured dress for Vanity Fair.

She said of her role: “I’ve been playing Catherine in such formative years of my life.

“I’ve grown as a woman alongside her.”

The May issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is on sale from April 6.

Series 2 of The Great saw plenty of murder, tears and complicated relationships reach their max.

Catherine’s diplomatic solutions lead to her killing the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and being put under extreme pressure to kill her dethroned husband, Peter.

But Peter was in a sticky situation of his own in the ongoing battle for the throne.

He had to choose between his survival or his heart as his friend, the slippery ex-king of Sweden explained how he has to kill Catherine in order to live a peaceful life.

The final episode concluded with Catherine deciding to solidify her rule once and for all by stabbing Peter in the back while crying.

However, it turned out that she killed a lookalike of him instead of her actual husband.

Seeing her remorse, Peter came out to comfort her and they both were left in the awkward situation of realising that although they love each other, they both wanted to kill one another too.

She plays a satirical version of the Russian Empress in the Hulu comedyHulu

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