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Duggar fans fear for youngest sibling Josie, 13, as they spot ‘concerning’ detail in new photo amid her health issues

Duggar fans fear for youngest sibling Josie, 13, as they spot ‘concerning’ detail in new photo amid her health issues

COUNTING On fans have noticed a detail separating Josie Duggar from her older sisters.

The 13-year-old posed for a series of photos during a reunion between the siblings and their mom Michelle.

Instagram /Jinger VuoloJosie Duggar joined her sisters for a big family get together in Arkansas[/caption]

Instagram /Jinger VuoloThe female siblings stood in birth order, but fans noticed that Josie (left) was far shorter than the rest of the group[/caption]

The Duggar daughters – Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, Josie – all posed together in a row and smiled for the camera.

Jinger, who now lives in LA, posted some pics from the sweet moment with the caption: “We had the best time in Arkansas visiting my family.

Girl time with all of my sisters and sweet mama, meeting some new nieces and nephews, eating lots of good food, and many late night conversations.”

However, some fans noticed how Josie looked much smaller than her sisters when stood next to them in age order.

One of Jinger’s followers reposted the photo to Reddit, with the observation: “Crazy how much shorter Josie is in comparison to Jordyn (they’re less than a year apart)

“Possibly because she was a preemie?”

One person theorized: “I think she probably has a plethora of health issues that have never been addressed.”

Another said: “Yeah I mean after hearing Michelle talk so casually about her “little glitches” or whatever she called them, yeah.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Josie wasn’t as healthy as they all claim.”

However, others reasoned that the Counting On star possibly just hadn’t hit a growth spurt yet.

“Josie could possibly catch up later in her teens since there isn’t that much difference for preemie babies. Tl;dr preemies compared to babies born on time are shorter by millimeters on average,” wrote one.

Another commenter assured: “Siblings come in all different sizes and shapes. They grow at different rates, and have different sizes as adults.”


Earlier this year, fans were worried after Josie wore harness fitted around her neck and shoulders during a family meal.

The device appeared to be a figure-8 brace, which is designed to help treat clavicle fractures, broken collarbones, and dislocated clavicles.

Fans shared their concern for Josie on a popular Duggars online thread, with one writing: “One of my students wore something like that when he broke his collarbone.

“I hope that’s not the case.”

Another added: “Could be a flexible back brace to help with borderline/mild scoliosis.”

“I’m just glad they are actually getting her the help she needs,” a third posted.


Josie was born only 25 weeks into her mom Michelle’s pregnancy – three and a half months premature.

Michelle suffered from preeclampsia – which is high blood pressure during pregnancy – and had to have an emergency C-section to save both her and Josie’s lives.

The teen is a “micro-preemie,” which means she is susceptible to long-term health difficulties like cerebral palsy, blindness, and deafness.

Back in 2014 when she was five years old, Josie suffered a scary seizure in front of 19 Kids and Counting cameras.

Michelle later explained Josie often had seizures.

“One of the little glitches for Josie is that if she runs a fever, she does have a tendency to have febrile seizures,” the TLC alum explained.

Instagram/jessaseewaldThe siblings’ mother Michelle joined them for one photo, and some fans pointed out that she herself wasn’t that much taller than Josie[/caption]

InstagramEarlier this year, Josie sparked worry when she was spotted wearing a brace usually used for clavicle and collarbone injuries[/caption]

Social Media – Refer to sourceJosie was born to Jim Bob and Michelle after only 25 weeks of gestation, putting her at risk of long-term health issues[/caption]

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