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Ariana Grande fans suspect singer and husband Dalton Gomez are headed for a divorce after spotting social media clues

Ariana Grande fans suspect singer and husband Dalton Gomez are headed for a divorce after spotting social media clues

ARIANA Grande fans have been speculating the singer and husband, Dalton Gomez, are headed for a divorce after spotting a new social media clue.

Earlier this month, fans noticed that Dalton, 27, deleted his Instagram account — which sparked divorce rumors on social media.

Social Media – Refer to SourceAriana and Dalton got married in 2021[/caption]

GettyThe couple began dating in 2020[/caption]

Ariana and Dalton rarely share pictures of themselves on social media

Both the pop star and Dalton have yet to confirm or deny the social media behavior were hints of a split.

However, Dalton is in real estate and used social media as a large part of his career previously.

Other rumors swirling around the internet are people commenting on the way Ariana has been acting lately and how “something seems off.”

Ariana also has been spotted without her wedding ring in recent months.

Fans are worried and are wondering if it has something to do with her marriage.

Many fans are defending Ariana and Dalton as they keep their marriage private as they only share a few photos together on social media.

Dalton’s Instagram was also private and many think he was tired of getting fan requests.

Other fans are calling people starting divorce rumors “insane” and “weird.”

In a 2022 video of Ariana doing her makeup, she quickly shut down divorce rumors as she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

“I’m just not wearing my wedding ring, it’s getting cleaned. I’m not getting a divorce before you start, don’t,” she said.


Dalton works for the Aaron Kirman group and focuses on “luxury real estate listings,” and in 2020 represented a home in Malibu with an asking price of “nearly $11million.”

Dalton, 25, is friends with Miley Cyrus and they sometimes appear on each other’s social media stories.

People think Ariana’s single, Positions, is about Dalton.


Ariana confirmed her relationship with Dalton in May 2020 but she reportedly started dating him in January 2020.

In her music video for Stuck With U, the singer dances with the real estate agent in her bedroom before they share a kiss.

On December 20, 2020 Ariana announced that the pair were engaged.

On May 17, 2021 it was reported Ariana and Dalton tied the knot.

The pop star threw the bash at her Montecito, CA mansion and there was “no real ceremony” and “just a few” guests. 

According to TMZ, the couple wanted “informal” nuptials and it remains unclear if this was long planned out or an impulsive decision.


In 2021, the couple was accused of “mocking” Native American culture in a now-deleted Instagram video.

The clip from Ariana, 28, has since resurfaced online and has been shared by various Twitter accounts. 

The Victorious actress and her husband Dalton, 25, apparently joined a few of their friends and participated in a Native American dance during the black and white video.

While sitting at the center of the circle, the Sam and Cat star reportedly sang, laughed, and spun a large piece of cloth around in the air. 

The other people in the short video were allegedly whooping and drumming along with her.

The singer and her cohorts received online backlash from upset fans for mocking Native American culture. 

One fan tweeted: “After being racist to black ppl by doing CA stuff, to Asians by calling them bots, now to Native Americans by mocking their culture, her fake a** needs to be stopped asap.”

Another fan wrote: “Native Americans being told to shut up by Ariana Grande stans after voicing their upset over overtly racist behavior……that is just…….wow…….”

A third person said: “Ariana Grande disrespecting indigenous people’s cultures?

“Americans have such a long history of dehumanizing Native Americans but shouldn’t we hold those with a platform to a higher standard? Even if it is the bare minimum.”

A fourth commentator chimed in: “THIS SHOULD’VE STAYED IN YOUR DRAFTS: 

“Ariana Grande getting backlash for posting and quickly deleting a video that appears to show her, her husband and friends trying to ‘summon a spirit’ during an escape the room outing. 

“Some are saying this mocks Native Americans traditions.” 

Ariana was previously engaged to ex fiance Pete Davidson.

Social Media – Refer to SourceDivorce rumors started on the internet after Dalton deleted his Instagram account[/caption]

InstagramThe couple was recently under fire for “mocking” Native American culture[/caption]

GettyAriana has previously dated comedian Pete Davidson[/caption]

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