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Today’s Savannah Guthrie shouts ‘I confess!’ after Hoda Kotb threatens to reveal co-host’s secret live on air

Today’s Savannah Guthrie shouts ‘I confess!’ after Hoda Kotb threatens to reveal co-host’s secret live on air

THE Today Show host Savannah Guthrie has shouted “I confess!” on live TV.

Her co-host, Hoda Kotb, threatened to spill Savannah‘s secret during an on-air interview.

NBCHoda Kotb revealed one of Savannah Guthrie’s secrets on live TV[/caption]

NBCSavannah said ‘I confess!’ when she admitted to watching Love Is Blind[/caption]

On Tuesday, Savannah, Hoda, and their Today co-hosts sat on the couch for the POPStart segment.

Carson Daly led it as usual, but this time they were joined by a special guest.

Nick Lachey sat on the couch with them to talk about the Love is Blind Season four reunion special.

The former boybander hosts the show with his wife, Vanessa Lachey.

After they talked to Nick a bit more, Hoda spilled one of Savannah’s secrets to him.

“You should know that on this couch that there is one person who is especially crazy about this show,” she said.

Savannah chuckled, put her head down, and raised her hand.

“I confess!” she yelled.

The hosts started talking over each other and then Carson brought the segment back to order.

Savannah looked super excited to talk about the live reunion and loved the concept of the show.

“They make an emotional connection. And the series asks, ‘Is love blind?’” she said. “Or does ethical appearance matter?”

After they finished the interview, Savannah told Nick: “I’ll be watching Nick.”

“Yes you will,” her co-hosts shouted.


Love is Blind is a reality dating show in which singles try to find a match and fall in love.

The catch is that they never see the person that they are paired up with until the end.

They only talk to them.

The emotional connection must outweigh the physical attraction in order for them to be successful in this show.

Love is Blind airs on Netflix and new episodes of season four are currently dropping weekly on the streaming platform.

The live reunion special airs on Sunday, April 16, on 8pm.


Before Savannah’s confession, she was absent from the show for about a week.

Craig Melvin sat at the desk for most of the week.

Hoda explained that Savannah was on vacation and would be back soon.

“Well good morning, good morning! Good to see you welcome back and thank you for joining us,” she told viewers.

“It’s a Monday and Savannah is enjoying a well-deserved vacation, she’s taken the week off with her family,” Hoda, 58, then revealed.

Savannah returned to the show on Friday and revealed that she was in Disney World with her family.

NBCThe Today Show panel welcomed Nick Lachey to the show to talk about the upcoming reunion[/caption]

MONTY BRINTON/NETFLIXLove Is Blind season four is currently airing new episodes on Netflix[/caption]

GettySavannah was missing from the Today Show last week and it was revealed she was on vacation[/caption]

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