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The View fans ‘distracted’ by Joy Behar as they notice host’s change in appearance during live show

The View fans ‘distracted’ by Joy Behar as they notice host’s change in appearance during live show

THE VIEW fans have called out Joy Behar for wearing “distracting” makeup on a recent episode.

Joy sported darker eye makeup and a bright red lip on Tuesday’s episode of The View.

The View fans called Joy Behar’s makeup look on Tuesday’s episode ‘distracting’ABCThe host wore darker eye makeup during the broadcast and a red lip to go with itABC

Typically, the 80-year-old wears toned-down makeup while on The View.

It appeared that for Tuesday’s episode, however, either she or her makeup artist was heavy-handed.

She wore a dark liner with what looked to be a cat-eye that extended into her inner corner.

But Joy’s aesthetic choice had viewers upset by the change.

They did not appear to appreciate either the inner corner moment or the more obvious eyeliner Joy was sporting for the day.

They took to social media to voice their displeasure.

A disgruntled viewer tweeted: “Ugh. Joy has too much eye makeup on. It’s distracting. #TheView”

One fan asked: “What’s wrong with the outer corners of Joy’s eyes? Did the makeup people do that on purpose? #TheView”

Another replied: “Too much today.”


Meanwhile, Sunny slammed co-star Joy for being “rude” to guests at a party at her home. Meanwhile, fans believe Sunny is the real bully in the situation.

During a recent episode of The View, the women were discussing the rudest things a party host can do.

Sunny brought up a time when she asked Joy if she could bring 20 people over to her home and Joy said yes. After a while, Joy decided that she wanted to go to sleep and Sunny found it offensive.

“I feel unwelcome,” Sunny revealed.

Joy defended herself by saying that they didn’t need to leave but to “entertain themselves” because she was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Joy playfully joked that she enjoys Sunny’s company “up to a point” and was curious as to why they needed her to be present.

“You’re the most fun one there,” Sunny exclaimed.

“No, you have 20 people there who are fun, come on,” Joy scoffed, “I’m never rude to guests.”

“Isn’t that rude?” Sunny questioned the audience to see if they agree with her.

On Twitter, fans shared their thoughts on the debacle, siding with Joy.

“So rude of @sunny to try and squeeze 20 people into someone else’s party. #Rude,” one fan wrote.

Another admitted, “Bringing 20 uninvited people to someone’s house is rude and bully behavior.”


Fans believe that after a recent argument on The View, Whoopi and Sunny have beef.

The duo, alongside Sara Haines and Joy, spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

However, Sunny and her 67-year-old co-anchor looked visibly irritated with one another throughout the chat.

The argument started after Sunny, 54, said that Tesla cars were AI, which Whoopi immediately disagreed with.

After the interjection, Sunny said: “That’s why I prefaced this with ‘how are you all defining AI?’ Because some people define AI that way.”

After Whoopi said that she defined AI as something “sentient” that “can think for itself,” Sunny repeated: “Like a Tesla car.”

Both Whoopi and Sara shot down the idea, but Whoopi continued her argument against the idea, and said exasperatedly: “No, Sunny.”

Sunny then attempted to explain her viewpoint further, but was interrupted by Whoopi, who turned to the crew with her hands aloft and said: “Can someone explain this for her?”

Sunny visibly bristled, and stated: “Well, you don’t have to explain it to me.”

The duo then spoke over each other and became more aggressive in their body language as they couldn’t see eye to eye.

Joy and Sara stayed out of the argument before Sara got the show back on track by moving to the discussion toward ChatGPT.


Fans have fired back at Sunny during another recent episode of the morning show after she “judged” Sara’s parenting decision.

The show’s panelists discussed the recent firing of a Florida principal after showing a sixth-grade class Michelangelo’s David statue.

The statue depicts a nude image of the Biblical figure David, complete with genitalia.

The View’s hosts talked about how many schools send home materials for parents so that they are kept abreast of what their children are seeing in the classroom.

Sunny noted it could be shocking for some parents to think their children are seeing nude bodies at younger ages.

The panelists discussed all the potential issues with “full frontal” nudity when it comes to educating children.

Sara stated that her problem with the entire thing was that it could teach children to be ashamed of their bodies.

She stressed the importance of having talks with children about embracing their bodies instead.

“But can’t you have that conversation without that full-frontal?” Sunny asked.

“It’s literally a sculpture of David! We were all born naked, like, I walk around, I put my lotions on, my kids have seen my body,” Sara replied.

Sunny asked pointedly: “Your kids have seen your tatas?”

“Absolutely,” Sara replied. “They ask if there’s milk in there!”

The View fans took to social media to air their thoughts on the tiff between the pair.

One fan wrote: “Yo… #AuntySunny over there judging #Sara for her children seeing her tatas… #TheView”

Another tweeted: “Don’t act like your daughter hasn’t seen your breasts, #Sunny. Stop it! #TheView”

Joy appeared to have both an outer cat eye and an inner corner flourish to her eyelinerABCSome fans took issue with the change and called it ‘too much’ABCIt appeared that fans wanted Joy to go back to her usual style insteadABC

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