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The View fans beg for answers as Sara Haines’ strange on-air behavior gets out of hand

The View fans beg for answers as Sara Haines’ strange on-air behavior gets out of hand

SARA Haines has continued her strange, on-air behavior.

The View fans are saying it is getting “out of hand” as her number of cups per show increases.

ABCSara Haines started out the show with two mugs in front of her[/caption]

ABCThen, halfway through, she had three mugs while everyone else stuck to one[/caption]

On Tuesday’s show, the View panel started off the show like any other day.

Sara was the only one to have two mugs in front of her seat while everyone else had one.

This cup saga has been going on for a few months now, ever since Sara came back from being sick.

First, she had two, then she swapped out mugs, and now she has three.

But, what threw fans off was that the host started out Tuesday’s show with two cups and then about halfway through, there were three in front of her.

It is not clear what is in her cups.

Fans noticed the change on the show right away and took to Twitter to comment on it.

“Why does Sara have 3 cups? Lol and what’s in them? I’m so curious #TheView @sarahaines @Brianteta,” tweeted one fan.

“Three Cup Sara #theview,” said another.


While tuning into Monday’s show, viewers noticed that Ana Navarro had two blue mugs in front of her and appeared to be following in Sara’s footsteps.

As Monday’s broadcast began, Sara was the only person on the panel with two mugs.

Her co-hosts Whoopi GoldbergSunny HostinAlyssa Farah Griffin, and even Ana, had just one cup each.

However, later on in the episode as the panel interviewed Rob Lowe, Ana upgraded to two mugs.

The addition did not go unnoticed by fans of the show, who took to Twitter to comment.

“I just want to know why @sarahaines has two mugs today #TheView,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote: “Is @TheView playing a game of the traveling mug? first @sarahaines had 2 mugs now @ananavarro does! What is going on? #TheView.”


On Friday, Sara was back to using two mugs.

Every other host had one cup in front of them throughout the show.

But lately, Sara has had two, and sometimes three, mugs in front of her.

Except this time, the host didn’t use the regular View mugs.

The panel usually uses blue mugs with the word “The View” on it.

In the beginning of the show, Sara had a blue mug and a smaller, white one with the show’s name on it.

However, when the show came back from it’s first commercial break, she trolled fans again.

Sara still had the white mug in front of her, but now the blue mug was swapped out.

The second cup was red with a design on it.

It had a coffee mug on it with the words, “The View,” on it, coming out in steam.

The day before she had two completely different mugs and did not use the blue one.

And that Wednesday, Sara had three mugs in front of her.


The View fans noticed the saga and took to Twitter to comment on it.

“Sara has two different View mugs again today. #TheView,” one fan tweeted.

“The saga,” said another, with laughing emojis.

A third added: “Omg when we came back from commercial break, she had switched one of the two mugs out with yet ANOTHER old ass View mug. What the hell is going on #TheView.”

“What the hell is going on with her cups? #TheView,” asked a View fan.

“They’re trying to tell us something. She’s in trouble,” wrote another.

ABCThe cup saga has been going on for a few months[/caption]

ABCLast week, she had two different cups than everyone else[/caption]

ABCView fans have been left baffled by her strange on-air behavior[/caption]

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