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Teen Mom fans call out Chelsea Houska’s ’embarrassing’ beauty blunder as she shows off long legs in romper for new pic

Teen Mom fans call out Chelsea Houska’s ’embarrassing’ beauty blunder as she shows off long legs in romper for new pic

TEEN Mom fans have called out Chelsea Houska for her self-tanning techniques.

The reality star has come under fire after she posted a new mirror selfie photo showing off her extremely tanned legs.

Instagram/chelseahouskaTeen Mom fans call out Chelsea Houska’s ’embarrassing’ beauty blunder[/caption]

Facebook / Chelsea HouskaChelsea’s legs looked extremely tan compared to the rest of her body[/caption]

Chelsea recently shared a photo of herself wearing a bright red romper and tan hat.

It appears as if the photo was taken with a filter, as the background of the room is completely grey.

The former MTV star’s legs appear extremely dark, and critics on a Teen Mom Reddit page blamed it on her tanning technique.

“It’s not even like it’s only comparable to her hands. No other skin you can see is as dark as her legs. Very weird,” criticized one writer.

Another wrote: “At some point the fake tan has got to stop. You live in the Dakotas, not Florida! Damn!”

“How has the orange tan phase not faded away yet?” asked another.

However others, blamed Instagram filters, with one writing: “She fake tans to the point of changing her skin tone, but this is clearly photoshopped. In literally 2 seconds, I was able to go on her Instagram and see the tagged video.”

Another wrote: “I would almost guarantee this is more of a filter issue, than her legs actually looking that dark. And honestly, idk why people care so much. I just laugh and move along with my day.”


This isn’t the first time Chelsea’s tan has come up.

In 2021, she was accused of “blackfishing” after she posted a photo with. her daughters in which she looked drastically darker than them.

The photo in question appeared to have been part of a family photoshoot snapped a month earlier.

In the original post, a Reddit user wrote: ‘Chelsea’s girls rocking their natural (albeit insta filtered colour. Meanwhile their Mam is 1,000 shades of mahogany.”


The reality mom has come under fire before for her face-altering procedures.

She recently shared a series of videos to her Instagram stories promoting her partnership with a photo book company.

But as she plugged the red hot product, her skin looked decidedly orange.

The 31-year-old filmed an ad staring directly into the camera, extolling the virtues of the product.

She was dressed casually, wearing a black cut-off shirt with plaid cover over it, comfy sweats, and a gray ski beanie.

A nose ring completed her look.

However, her fashion sense was overshadowed by her orange hue.

Fans have become familiar with Chelsea’s changing skin, and have begged her to stop.

On one popular fan page, followers spoke out.

Posting a photo of Chelsea’s face, one critical fan wrote: “Her face honestly does not look bad besides her lips.”

Another commented: “I have to wonder how much of this is actually just filters.”

One pleaded: “Hopefully she’ll stop the filler.”


Chelsea isn’t just under fire for her beauty choices.

An ex-business partner has demanded 35 percent of the star’s MTV money in a nasty $4million lawsuit. 

Chelsea and her husband, Cole, 33, were sued by consulting company Envy for $3million in 2020 for allegedly withholding money they made from social media promotions.

Envy filed an Amended Complaint to the same lawsuit, as Chelsea and Cole’s companies Down Home DeBoer, Aubree Says, Dakota Ln LLC, and DeBoer Holding Company were added as defendants on the case with the ex-business partner now suing for $4million.

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal from court documents that Envy is demanding 35 percent of Chelsea and Cole’s income from Viacom, the media company that owns MTV.

The court papers read: “Envy undisputedly worked on both the original Viacom agreement and amendments and extensions thereto during the term of the DeBoer Agreements. 

“If necessary, this fact would be established through emails revealing Envy’s involvement in negotiating and revising the relevant agreements, and assisting Chelsea and Cole in complying with them.”

The court papers continue that they are entitled to “35 percent of millions of dollars of revenue from the Viacom Agreements,” as this percentage is the same amount they agreed upon for social media revenue. 

InstagramThe former Teen Mom star has been accused of “blackfishing” before[/caption]

MTVChelsea has admitted to having plastic surgery procedures in the past, but some critics think she has gone ‘too far’[/caption]

InstagramChelsea and her husband Cole have been named in a lawsuit[/caption]

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