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See Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s bleak $820K Coyote Pass land as he STILL hasn’t started construction on 5 homes

See Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s bleak $820K Coyote Pass land as he STILL hasn’t started construction on 5 homes

SISTER Wives star Kody Brown still has not started construction on Coyote Pass five years after his vow to build the family five homes, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal in new photos.

Kody, 54, purchased four parcels of land called Coyote Pass in Flagstaff, Arizona, for $820,000 in 2018. 

TLCKody has yet to start building on the Coyote Pass land where he vowed to build homes for his now ex-wives[/caption]

The US SunNew photos exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun on March 30 show Kody has yet to break ground[/caption]

The US SunThe 5-plus acre parcel in Flagstaff, Arizona, is covered in snow[/caption]

The patriarch had planned to split it into five parcels, so that he and his now three ex-wives Meri, 52, Janelle, 53, Christine, 50, and his last standing wife Robyn, 44, could build homes. 

Now, nearly five years after the purchase, The U.S. Sun has learned that the land still looks exactly the same and there is no activity going on.

Photos exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun reveal the bleak plot of land is covered in snow and is surrounded by trees and a forest.

Apart from the “Canadian Cedar log” fence, a paved road and signs there is absolutely no construction.

According to the real estate listing, the land features an “island pond” and an abundance of wildlife.

The listing states: “Imagine relaxing on your deck overlooking your island pond watching the deer and elk on this spectacular 5.1623 acre parcel.

“A perfect location to tuck your home into the dense Ponderosa Pines sporting privacy and serenity with breathtaking and unobstructed views of the San Francisco Peaks, A-1 and the National Forest.”

“A couple hundred yards of high quality compacted cindered roadway redefining rustic elegance…You will be very impressed.”

The US SunA paved road on Coyote Pass gives way to ‘unobstructed views’ of a national forest[/caption]

The US Sun9200 Coyote Pass also has ‘breathtaking views’ of snow-capped mountains[/caption]


The father of 18 purchased multiple parcels of land in June 2018, according to real estate records.

The four parcels of land cost: $300K, $180K, $170K, and $170K- totaling $820K.

Last summer, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported Christine sold her Coyote Pass property to Kody and his legal wife Robyn for $10 in July 2022.

The sale occurred nearly one year after their split in November 2021. 

According to Coconino County Court, Christine’s parcel of land was worth $300,000.

In October 2022, exclusive photos obtained by The U.S. Sun of Coyote Pass showed the family had yet begun to break ground. 

The photos showed storage trailers on the property with no construction taking place. 

At the time, there were also no building permits that have been requested for the land, according to Arizona public records- this still holds true until this day.

Kody explained in a past Sister Wives episode that they have to pay off the Coyote Pass property before they can begin to build. 

According to property records, they have until June 2023 or their payment will be considered late or delinquent.

He said in his confessional: “We’re going to be living right where we’re building. It would be motivational. Maybe it works.”

Kody and Robyn purchased their Flagstaff home in August 2019 for $890K. The property is located next to Coyote Pass.

Jishphoto.comThe U.S. Sun revealed new photos of Coyote Pass in October 2022[/caption]

Jishphoto.comThe expansive land only had storage trailers resting on the property[/caption]

Jishphoto.comPhotos taken months ago showed there was still no construction taking place[/caption]


The Sister Wives stars don’t appear to be holding their breath on the building of their new homes, given they’ve parted ways with their ex.

Christine moved to Murray, Utah, where she’s renting a $1.1million two-story duplex.

She also has a new man in her life, David Woolley, whom she’s been dating for a few months now.

Meri, for her part, had been living in a $1million Arizona rental home, but has been spending the majority of her time at her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, in Parowan, Utah.

And, Janelle appears to be renting a new place since she sold her rental home and lived in an RV, which she parked on Coyote Pass for quite some time in 2021.

Meri and Janelle announced their splits from Kody in December during a Sister Wives special.

Season 18 is underway and as The U.S. Sun reported, Meri will “hardly make any appearances.”

TLCKody is left legally married to wife Robyn after Meri, Christine and Janelle split from the family’s patriarch[/caption]

Scott Klepper for The US SunChristine moved to a $1.1million two-story duplex in Utah after splitting from Kody[/caption]

Realtor.comKody and Robyn reside on the property next to Coyote Pass, which they purchased in July 2019[/caption]

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