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Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa slammed as ‘lazy’ by Live fans for trying to ‘trick’ them with ‘stale’ episode

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa slammed as ‘lazy’ by Live fans for trying to ‘trick’ them with ‘stale’ episode

LIVE fans have accused hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa of trying to trick them with the show’s Tuesday broadcast.

Viewers have noticed surprising details about the episode that have them labeling the hosts as “lazy” and the show as “stale.”


Kelly had been off from the morning show for over a week while on on vacation, with Ryan co-hosting with a series of guest stars.

At the end of Monday’s episode, he announced that Kelly would be back the following day.

When Tuesday’s show aired, Kelly was back at the hosting table, but it wasn’t live.

Written on the bottom of the screen was “previously recorded,” to let fans know it was filmed at a different time, despite Ryan telling Live viewers: “It’s Tuesday, April 4th!”

Aside from the new, opening segment being pre-taped, fans soon realized that not everything in the broadcast was fresh content, either.

The episode’s three interviews – with Emma Thompson, Mel B, and Ralph Macchio – and the performance from Train, were all ripped from previous episodes.

The hosts’ different outfits for each segment, as well as the Christmas decorations in Emma’s clip, all helped give it away.

One upset fan blasted: “A repeat of an interview with Emma Thompson from December? Tell me what’s ‘live’ about that?”

Another slammed: “Live?! Change the background!  It is not Christmas anymore!”

“A stale Christmas repeat piece on April,” one viewer asked. “Usually U save those for stake August repeats!! “

A fourth angry fan wrote on Twitter: “UGH! Again with the repeats. 

“We are so so tired of of you two taking all this time off. 

“Drop the ‘Live’ and changed to ‘we’re too lazy to get up early.’”

On Monday, the show and its hosts were slammed for a similar reason.

The episode was also previously recorded, though the entire episode was new, instead of only the opening and ending segments like Tuesday’s

Ryan had a guest guest co-host for the broadcast, with Kelly out on vacation.

“It is Monday, April 3. Filling in for Kelly today is Jenny Mollen,” the American Idol star happily shared with viewers.

At the bottom of the screen, though, fans were alerted that this episode wasn’t, in fact, live, as its name would suggest.

The words “previously recorded” flashed on the screen for a few seconds, though it wasn’t revealed when exactly the hosts had filmed the episode.

Fans have been calling out the show for months for faking its live aspect by having on-and-off previously-recorded episodes.

They often occur around holidays, when one of the hosts is on vacation, or when one of the hosts has another work commitment outside of Live.

This time around, Kelly had been taking some time off from the show to enjoy some time with her husband, Mark Consuelos, before he takes over for Ryan as host in a few weeks

In her absence, a series of guest co-hosts have joined Ryan on the show, with Jenny as the latest.

Having had enough of the show airing pre-taped episodes once in a while, viewers took to social media to share their anger.

One sarcastically asked: “When will you actually be ‘Live with Kelly & Ryan!’

Another blasted that the program needs to “stop calling the show ‘Live’” as that aspect of the show isn’t always true.


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