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James Duggar, 21, accused of making offensive gesture in new video- and family’s critics are furious

James Duggar, 21, accused of making offensive gesture in new video- and family’s critics are furious

JAMES Duggar has been accused by critics of making an offensive gesture in a social media video.

James, 21, posted a video on his Instagram page where critics accused him of making a white supremacist gesture.

YouTube/FollowtheForsythsJim Bob’s son James was accused by critics of making an offensive gesture[/caption]

Instagram / James DuggarCritics say James appeared to be making a white supremacist hand gesture in his new video[/caption]

The clip showed the young TLC star sitting in the front seat of what looks like a large military cargo truck.

Someone else was driving, but he was riding shotgun as he filmed the road ahead of him and a friend on a dirt bike riding alongside the truck.

Towards the end of the video, James holds up his hands making what seems like an “okay” sign, but critics on a Duggar Reddit page believe he meant something else by the gesture.

“The hand signal has become a white power symbol,” one person explained while another wrote: “That sign was kidnapped, tortured, and forced to change by the far-right white power community.”

“I was thinking that there was no pretending in that gesture. He isn’t so isolated in HuckabeeSanders-land that he doesn’t know what it means. He knows and likely he means it,” wrote another.

“This is just the OK signal. Wouldn’t read too much into that,” another argued, while a different Redditor responded: “It was…until it wasn’t.”

Another argued: “The okay sign is also a white power sign & I think it has been widespread since before 2016. Hopefully he wasn’t using it in this manner but who knows. I am surprised so many people don’t know this.”

However, one person defended: “He is not doing a white power sign. It’s “ok” c’mon.”

“Let’s be honest he doesn’t even know what he’s doing in that pic. I think he’s still learning how to use social media properly lol,” another scathed.


It wasn’t just the hand signals that critics had an issue with, during James’ outing.

James’ fans, followers, and critics were all quick to tell him why he shouldn’t be riding in the bed of a truck at such high speeds.

One said: “This is way too fast with people in the back.”

Another wrote: “I think that’s illegal to ride back there no seat belts if you got into an accident you could really be hurt or worse.”

A third added: “Hi. This is insanely dangerous. Thanks.”

Someone commented: “James, this is a tragedy in the making. When I see the oncoming traffic, and no one with a seat belt, I watch in disbelief and worry!! Take care of those precious siblings and friends.”


All this comes after James, who is the son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, liked a post on an Instagram profile called Pubity.

The post featured a picture of a politician from Uganda and a pride flag.

It stated: “Uganda passes a law making it a crime to identify as LGBTQ.”

The caption read: “People who identify as LGBTQ in Uganda risk life in prison after parliament passed a new bill to crack down on homosexual activities.

“It also includes the death penalty in certain cases.”

In a screenshot posted on Reddit, James was confirmed to have liked the anti-LGBTQ post, and critics weren’t happy.

One said: “James and his Big Christian Incel Energy are really starting to piss me off.”

Another user commented: “Note the text in the post that says this includes the death penalty in some cases. And he still liked it.”

Instagram / James DuggarCritics also took issue with James driving in a truck with no seatbelts[/caption]

YouTube/James Duggar VlogJames often posts about his travels on social media[/caption]

Instagram/@jamesaduggarHe recently came under fire for ‘liking’ an anti-LGBTQ social media post[/caption]

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