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How did Phyllis die on The Young and The Restless?

How did Phyllis die on The Young and The Restless?

THE YOUNG and the Restless are notoriously known for creating some of the best shock factors in the soap opera world.

Following the death of Phyllis on the show, soaps fans across the industry have a lot to say about the recent turn of events.

The Young and The Restless said goodbye to Michelle Stafford’s character Phyllis SummersGetty Images

How did Phyllis die on The Young and The Restless?

**Spoilers Ahead**

On the April 3 episode, The Young and The Restless fan club said goodbye to Michelle Stafford’s character, Phyllis Summers.

After Jack and Diane announced their engagement. Following the news, Phyllis collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

However, word got back that Phyllis never made it to the hospital as the ambulance that was transporting her crashed.

Phyllis was pronounced dead from the accident leaving behind her family.

Will Phyllis return?

If you’ve watched The Young and The Restless, you know the show is known to fake deaths.

Being that Phyllis has been plotting revenge against Diane with Jeremy Stark, many believe Phyllis faked her own death.

In 2004, Diane was presumed dead but almost a decade later, Susan Walters reprised her role as Diane Jenkins.

Many believe this could be the same for Phyllis especially as there’s a major plot hole left to fill on her plan to run out her nemesis, Diane.

Fans can expect the following episodes to tackle the aftermath of her death.

Fans aren’t convinced this is the last time they’ll see Phyllis Summers (R)Getty Images

What are people saying about Phyllis’ death?

Because The Young and The Restless has had many “gotcha” moments, fans believe this won’t be the last time we’re seeing Phyllis.

One Instagram user said: “Love that Phyllis is faking her whole death so that the karma comes back around on Diane. Can’t wait until she gets caught. It’s time.”

Another user: “I thought the plan was gonna be something way more creative and juicier than whatever the heck this hot mess is! I just don’t see how this is gonna drive Diane away.”

Whether Phyllis is actually dead or not, fans won’t believe it until there’s concrete evidence.

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