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1000-lb Sisters star Amanda Halterman reveals which sibling she’s ‘closest’ to after Amy is accused of acting ‘fake’

1000-lb Sisters star Amanda Halterman reveals which sibling she’s ‘closest’ to after Amy is accused of acting ‘fake’

1000-LB Sisters’ Amanda Halterman posted a video in which she answered a question about her siblings.

The TLC star addressed a fan’s question in a TikTok video yesterday.

TLCAmanda Halterman answered immediately when asked which of her siblings she preferred[/caption]

TikTok/amandahalterman0In the Q&A TikTok, the 1000-lb Sisters star assured viewers that she loved all of her siblings equally[/caption]

In the video, Amanda looked to be sitting on a bed as she filmed the clip.

The 42-year-old had her blonde hair pulled back, and wore a low-cut floral t-shirt that showed off her chest tattoo.

As Amanda read out the big question, she raised her eyebrows as she said aloud: “Well there goes that! What sibling am I closest to?”

She then answered: “I’m closest to all my siblings equally. I don’t pick and choose, I love them all equally.

“And I do spend a lot of time with Tammy and Amy because they live a couple of blocks away from me, but yeah, I love them all equally.”

Many fans in the comment section praised the fan favorite for her honesty and for being a good sibling.

One person wrote: “I love your strong positive attitude and caring for your brother and sisters.”

Another referred to Amanda as “the glue” of the family, while a third commenter called her “the best.”

A further comment read: “Convinced that you hold everything together. Love seeing you loving & supporting your siblings while keeping it real.”

Another shared: “I wish I had a sibling like you.”


While Amanda has been winning over fans, Amy Slaton has angered some with her recent behavior at Tammy’s wedding.

As the bride and groom – Tammy and Caleb Willingham – sipped on non-alcoholic bubbly, Amy grabbed the fake bottle of wine and gave her speech.

She started with the full bottle of non-alcoholic wine in her hand, and she periodically swung it around like she was drunk. She also drank straight from the bottle.

In a confessional, even Tammy called her sister out for taking the “fake wine” and acting like it got her drunk.

“I dislike people who fake being drunk for attention. It’s a pathetic look, quite frankly,” scathed one critic on Reddit.

The famous sister also horrified viewers after she laid down on the floor next to a plate of snacks in the season finale nuptials.

One person said: “It takes a lot of balls to lay on a nursing home floor.”

Another added: “Amy just seemed really weird and off after the ceremony. Alcohol definitely played a big part in it. But seriously, laying on a nasty-a** assisted living floor?

“The crumbs nearby the plate? The shit dribbled on her dress in the interview? Amy’s clearly going through some s**t.”

InstagramAmanda did admit that she spends the most time with Tammy and Amy because they live just a couple of blocks away[/caption]

TLCAmy came under fire recently after she acted drunk at Tammy’s wedding to Caleb Willingham[/caption]

TLCTammy herself admitted that she wasn’t pleased by her sister’s behavior[/caption]

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