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When is season 4 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch out and how can I watch it?

When is season 4 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch out and how can I watch it?

THE SECRET of Skinwalker Ranch is back for another season with even more chilling discoveries.

Here’s everything we know about History Channel’s sci-fi docuseries and when fans could expect a new season.

The cast of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is back for Season 4Twitter

When is season 4 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch out?

Season 4 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is set to premiere on Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

This season could expect a total of 14 supernatural-packed episodes as opposed to the previous 11-episode season.

Fans will see the Skinwalker Ranch experts delve deeper into the world’s biggest hot spot for UFO phenomena.

According to the incoming season’s preview, viewers can also expect to see the researchers navigate their study while potentially dealing with government interference.

Where is Skinwalker Ranch located?

Skinwalker Ranch is located in Gusher, Utah, and has been a hotspot for paranormal activity for decades.

Since the 1950s, locals have reported a plethora of supernatural occurrences such as UFO sightings to even cattle mutilations.

Skinwalker Rancher manager, Thomas Winterton, told The Sun exclusively that prior to working on the ranch he’d heard the rumors but didn’t believe it until he experienced it himself.

Winterton said: “And I remember coming on the ranch the first time kind of looking around and thinking, ‘I really don’t see what the big deal is. It doesn’t look like someplace that would be the home of all of these crazy tales.’

“But I mean, the first time I entered the property I was doing a property inspection with Jim Morse and we toured the house that the caretakers were living in.

“We were in the back bedroom and the room began to spin and I started to feel vertigo to the point that I had to back up against the wall, and then I kind of slid down and sat on the floor.

Season 4 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch will premiere on April 18, 2023Youtube

“And at the time I chalked it up to, well, I must have got low blood sugar or swimmy headed as Travis [Taylor, another cast member] will say.

“But looking back, that had never happened to me before, and it’s never happened off of the ranch. So it’s something that was unique to the ranch.”

How can I watch season 4?

Fans can watch the new season of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch live on the History Channel on April 18 at 10pm ET.

Additionally, episodes will be available to stream the following day on History.com.

Previous seasons of the show are available to stream via RokuNetflixHuluDiscovery Plus, and Philo.

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