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Molly Mae Hague reveals she used controversial baby product to help Bambi after sleepless nights

Molly Mae Hague reveals she used controversial baby product to help Bambi after sleepless nights

MOLLY-Mae Hague has revealed she is using gripe water to help settle her daughter Bambi at night.

The 23-year-old, who welcomed her first child with partner Tommy Fury in January, discussed using the controversial product after struggling with sleepless nights.

mollymae/InstagramMolly-Mae Hague has spoken about using gripe water[/caption]

InstagramThere is debate around the use of gripe water[/caption]

InstagramMolly explained how she had a sleepless night[/caption]

Sharing a picture as she cuddled her daughter, Molly wrote: “Not every Monday can be productive… We’ve been up all night.

“Tommy was waiting at the doors of Tesco when it opened this morning at 6am to get gripe water for her (which by the way is my number one top product for a newborn with trapped wind).”

The star added: “I used to walk past this in the shops and think ‘what and old fashioned looking product’.

“Now it literally saves my life.

“We just dip her dummy in it and it calms her SO much.”

Gripe water is a source of debate amongst new parents as it was previously considered unsafe for children because it contained alcohol and sugar.

It is a herbal supplement, often used to help babies with trapped wind and colic, but has not undergone tests to check it actually works.

It is recommended checking with a doctor prior to use and it’s advised not to give to babies under a month old and to stop once they reach four months.

Molly-Mae has been very open about her experiences as a new mum and admitted she found the first month incredibly difficult due to severe constipation and lack of sleep.

She sparked concern amongst her fans as she broke down in tears in a recent video

“It sounds dramatic and it sounds intense, but I guess I do have a bit of trauma from the first few weeks,” she told her fans.

“That first week was the maddest week of my entire life, I will never ever ever be able to explain to you guys what I went through on that first week.”

What is gripe water?

Gripe water is a non-prescription product used to relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomforts of babies

No evidence supports the efficacy of gripe water and one limited study in India questions whether the consumption of gripe water is related to vomiting in babies that already showed signs of colic.

The original formula contained alcohol and sugar in addition to sodium bicarbonate and dill oil – and has now been changed.

It is recommended you contact your doctor before using gripe water.

As well as concerns over the ingredients, the use of gripe water could lead to possible side effects.

The Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics notes that gripe water can put a baby at an increased risk for exposure to harmful things like bacteria and allergens.

There are also issues surrounding nutrition because the baby might become full of gripe water rather than breast milk or formula.

instagramMolly and Tommy became parents at the start of the year[/caption]

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