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Little People’s Audrey Roloff reveals off messy bedroom covered with clothes & shoes inside $2M Oregon home in new video

Little People’s Audrey Roloff reveals off messy bedroom covered with clothes & shoes inside $2M Oregon home in new video

AUDREY Roloff has brought Little People, Big World fans inside her $2million Oregon home, showing off her messy bedroom.

The star shared an Instagram Video of herself packing for an upcoming family vacation just a few weeks after returning from Disneyland.

Instagram/@audreyroloffLittle People, Big World star Audrey Roloff showed off her messy bedroom[/caption]

Instagram/@audreyroloffThe reality star was preparing for a ski trip with her husband and three kids[/caption]

Audrey, 31, posted a video on her Instagram Story documenting her packing progress as she prepared for a ski trip with her husband Jeremy Roloff and their three kids: Bode, Ember, and Radley.

In the video, the former TLC star was seen sitting on the floor surrounded by clothes, shoes, and accessories.

There were several suitcases laying open on the floor around her.

Audrey smiled slightly but appeared unhappy with the situation.

She explained her demeanor in the caption, writing: “I’ve been packing for literal days….And still not done.

“Airplane travel for a ski trip with little kids is no joke…I don’t think we’ve ever brought this much stuff anywhere.”

The song Help! by The Beatles was playing over the clip.

Shortly after the post, Audrey shared a happy update.

She posted a photo of herself sitting in the car smiling, writing: “On Our way to the airport…1639573979 bags later…”

The LPBW star also posted a handful of pics of her kids on the plane while reminiscing on another trip she and Jeremy took to New York to start touring for their book A Love Letter Life.

She included a snap of her and Radley sitting together on the plane and a photo of the tot sitting on a seat in an airport with her mom, Cendi Botti.

In a later post, she showed Jeremy, 32, carrying a bundle of skis through the airport while her son Bode walked behind him crying.

“4 skis and one tired and hungry kid,” she wrote.

Another video shared upon arrival at their destination showed her, Jeremy, and all three kids walking while pushing several suitcases, skis, and a stroller through the airport.


This isn’t the first post Audrey has made about her ski trip prep, nor is it the first time she’s allowed fans to see her messy home.

On Friday, she showed fans her messy kitchen and the culprit behind the mess.

In an Instagram Story, the author shared a sad-looking photo of her son Radley.

The tot was sat in the kitchen on the bottom of an open shelf with spices in the door.

He was looking directly into the camera in the photo and there was a mess in front of him.

There were two jars sitting in front of him and a pile of spilled spices on the floor.

Audrey then panned the camera from Radley’s mess toward another filthy spot inside the home.

In the living room there appeared to be a pile of clothes, bookbags, and jackets.

She wrote: “Packing for a ski trip with three little kids. I’ll be here.”

Audrey and Jeremy just recently returned from a trip to California’s Disneyland.

Radley stayed behind while his siblings enjoyed a trip to the happiest place on Earth.

Audrey confessed: “We wanted to spend more one-on-one time with the olders, and Rad is at a tough age for Disneyland and just traveling in general.”

She confessed that it wasn’t an easy decision for her, explaining: “Part of me wanted to bring him last minute, but now that we are here I’m glad we didn’t this time.”


Audrey frequently shares glimpses inside her home, showing it in all its chaotic glory.

In August 2022, Audrey’s daughter Ember filmed a video from inside her brother Bode’s room.

She pointed the camera at her sibling’s unmade bed and said: “This is his new bed.”

Ember then moved to her own room, showing off her own unmade bed. 

She said in the clip: “My whole bed,” before recording the unpacked boxes and the clothes littered on her floor. 

Ember headed back into her brother’s room and filmed a pile of clothes near his closet.

The young girl chimed in: “Bode’s bed’s very crazy.”

Audrey and Jeremy bought their 1979-built, two-story farmhouse for an estimated $1.5 million in May 2022.

About a seven-minute drive from Roloff Farms, their home included four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Audrey also showed off the rustic fireplace inside her living room.

She seemed to enjoy the crackling noise in the background, writing: “The best evening sound. Kids dinner table convos and a crackling fire.”

Instagram/audreyroloffShe previously showed the same mess, this time sitting in her livingroom[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffAudrey isn’t afraid to show fans true glimpses at her home[/caption]

Instagram/@audreyroloffHer daughter Embre previously shared a video she recorded that captured chaos[/caption]

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