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The View’s Sunny Hostin calls out Sara Haines twice for ‘not telling her’ important information on live show

The View’s Sunny Hostin calls out Sara Haines twice for ‘not telling her’ important information on live show

SUNNY Hostin has called out her View co-host Sara Haines twice for “not telling her” important information on the live show.

The panel led a View Your Deal segment on the March 27 show.

ABCSunny Hostin called out her View co-host, Sara Haines, for not telling her about a product[/caption]

ABCShe did it again a minute later when they moved onto purses[/caption]

Sunny and Sara led the segment with Oprah Daily creator and director Adam Glassman.

After talking about a project that kids can participate in, they moved onto Elemis skincare.

Sunny shook her head and said: “Oh yes,” as Sara groaned and picked up the container.

The host then pointed to Sara and said: “How come you knew about it and you didn’t tell me about it?”

“Because I’m obsessed with skincare,” Sara said, clutching the container close to her.

Sunny gave the camera a stern look, as Adam moved on.

The View hosts then moved onto recycled handbags and business socks.

“I live in business socks,” Sara said.

“There’s another thing you never told me about,” Sunny replied, picking up a pair of socks.

“These are the best,” Sara said.

Sunny looked at the audience, shrugged, and said: “She tells me nothing.”

They then moved on to the last two products and Sunny seemed to have forgiven her co-host.


That same week, View fans slammed Sunny for judged Sara live on air.

She told the panel that her kids have seen her nude.

The show’s panelists discussed the recent firing of a Florida principal after showing a sixth-grade class Michelangelo’s David statue.

It depicts a nude image of the Biblical figure David, complete with genitalia.

They talked about how many schools send home materials for parents so that they are kept abreast of what their children are seeing in the classroom.

Sunny noted it could be shocking for some parents to think their children are seeing nude bodies at younger ages.

The panelists discussed all the potential issues with “full frontal” nudity when it comes to educating children.

Sara stated that her problem with the entire thing was that it could teach children to be ashamed of their bodies.

She stressed the importance of having talks with children about embracing their bodies instead.

“But can’t you have that conversation without that full-frontal?” Sunny asked.

“It’s literally a sculpture of David! We were all born naked, like, I walk around, I put my lotions on, my kids have seen my body,” Sara replied.

Sunny asked pointedly: “Your kids have seen your tatas?”

“Absolutely,” Sara replied. “They ask if there’s milk in there!”

The View fans took to social media to air their thoughts on the on air tiff between the pair.

One fan wrote: “Yo… #AuntySunny over there judging #Sara for her children seeing her tatas… #TheView”

Another tweeted: “Don’t act like your daughter hasn’t seen your breasts, #Sunny. Stop it! #TheView”


Earlier this month, Sunny and Sara tried out beauty products once again.

They welcomed Gretta Monahan into the studio to talk to them about some beauty products used by A-listers.

“The Oscars are this Sunday night so we’re pulling back the curtain by offering half off the secrets the stars use to get red carpet ready,” Sara announced to viewers at home.

“So let’s get shopping with our dear friend Gretta Monahan,” she added as the live studio audience applauded them.

“These are all about the stars’ secrets,” Gretta shard as she demonstrated skincare products, hair removal devices, and nail polish colors.

As the three women moved along the stands, they ended up inspecting a teeth whitening product.

“Now, we all want to achieve a bright, white smile just like the stars,” Gretta said as she introduced the GLO Science product.

“I use this!” Sunny admitted as Sara, 45, leaned in to pick up the device and place it in her own mouth.

Sunny, 54, giggled as she told Sara: “Just wait till Max is not around and then you can stick it in!” referring to Sara’s husband Max Shifrin.

ABCSara and Sunny have gone at it on air many times in the past[/caption]

ABCSara did not tell Sunny about a skincare product and a purse[/caption]

ABCSunny seemed to have forgiven her co-host by the end of the segment[/caption]

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