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The View’s Sara Haines gives fans a look inside her messy dressing room as her strange on-air behavior continues

The View’s Sara Haines gives fans a look inside her messy dressing room as her strange on-air behavior continues

SARA Haines has given her fans a glimpse inside of her messy View dressing room.

She did this as her strange on-air behavior with her cups continues.

Instagram /Sara HainesSara Haines has given The View fans a glimpse inside of her messy dressing room in a recent photo[/caption]

ABCThe photos come after she has been confusing fans with her multiple cups on set[/caption]

On Saturday, Sara shared a series of photos to her Instagram account.

“A great week ,” she captioned the post.

The first photo had The View host sitting in front of a microphone in her dressing room.

It is most likely from her new project- a podcast show.

The other photos featured Sara with her children, her hairstylist, and a flower that grew this Spring.

However, the second to last photo showed off the host getting ready in her dressing room.

The 45-year-old had her hair up in a clip with minimal make-up on.

She was faced away from the mirror, so everything that was in her dressing room could be seen.

On her desk were multiple mugs, and even a coffee from Starbucks.

There was also hairspray, multiple brushes, and many hair and make-up products on the side desk.

Her shelves were cluttered with multiple knick-knacks, shoes, and pictures.

Behind Sara, on the couch, appeared to be some sort of box, which did not look opened.


Last week, Sara announced a new project away from the talk show.

She took to her Instagram Stories to post a quick clip briefing fans on what they could expect.

The mother-of-two announced a longform interview project that would live on YouTube in the near future in a minute-long video.

“I have been working on a little personal project over the past few months that we are about to, I guess the right word would be ‘drop’, it’s not an album, but whatever,” Sara said in the clip.

“It is called Just Curious with Sara, and it is longer-form interviews where we will be able to share clips, but it will also live on YouTube,” she explained.

“I am so curious, and I always have questions I want to ask, a thousand, and even though I get to do this on TV, it’s just never even close to long enough. It’s a fraction of what I want to know.”

Sara lined out who she might have on the show.

“I have interviewed rabbis, parenting experts, skin specialists, fun moms, all of these fun people to talk about existential questions about life, death, mortality, and grief, and anything you can think of. Stay tuned, because they’re coming soon.”

Sara did not give a date for when fans can expect to see the new project debut, but teased its arrival at the end of the video.


Meanwhile, The View fans were left confused over Sara Haines’ strange on-air habit – which appears to have escalated to new lengths.

While tuning into Thursday’s episode of the ABC show, viewers noticed that Sara had two different cups in front of her.

It’s not the first time that the 45-year-old has been caught in a cup-hoarding situation on the chat show.

Fans noticed earlier this month that she was drinking from two cups, which then turned into three.

Her behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed at home, with viewers turning the phenomenon into memes on social media.

And on Thursday, Sara was accused of full-on “trolling” fans by drinking from a white cup as well as a printed cup with the faces of The View panel on it.

One fan tweeted a screenshot of Sara’s drink selection and wrote: “Cupwatch: Sara is straight up trolling us now.”

Another added: “This Sara mugs situation is getting beyond a joke now.

“Looks really silly on air too.”

A third posted: “Why does Sara always have two or three mugs in front of her?”

The user added: “I need to know!”

Fans were even more confused on Friday when she switched out her mugs halfway through the show.

ABCShe confused fans even more when she swapped out the mugs halfway through the show[/caption]

Instagram /Sara HainesSara also showed off a behind-the-scenes photo of her new project outside of the View[/caption]

Instagram /Sara HainesThe View host also posted a photo with her hairstylist backstage[/caption]

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