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Stormi Webster, 5, twins with her grandma Kris Jenner as they wear neon outfits to True Thompson’s early birthday bash

Stormi Webster, 5, twins with her grandma Kris Jenner as they wear neon outfits to True Thompson’s early birthday bash

KRIS Jenner has been pictured twinning with her five-year-old granddaughter Stormi Webster.

In a new TikTok video uploaded by Kris’ youngest daughter Kylie Jenner, the duo is seen wearing the exact same neon yellow color.

TikTok/ KyliejennerKris Jenner was twinning with her granddaughter Stormi Webster at a recent family birthday party[/caption]

TikTok/ KyliejennerThe 67-year-old looked super stylish in a neon yellow blazer and matching trouers while Stormi wore a dress of the same color[/caption]

Little Stormi, whose father is Travis Scott, was having a whale of a time at her cousin True Thompson‘s early fifth birthday party.

Kylie filmed her daughter eating some candy and she looked adorable in an oversized T-shirt dress that was covered in tulle material of the same color.

“Look at these matching cute girls,” Kylie was heard saying off camera as her 67-year-old mom walked into the frame.

Kris looked sharp in a pair of neon yellow tailored trousers and a matching blazer.

The momager wore a nude colored vest underneath and completed her look with aviator sunglasses as she threw her mobile phone down on a piece of garden furniture.

Kris grinned as she stood next to her granddaughter and then the video came to an abrupt end.

Kylie’s 52.2 TikTok followers were quick to comment on the video, particularly Kris’ look.

“Kris Jenner is always dressed to the nines,” one person said.

Another told Kylie: “Your mom is always dressed like a queen! I love it.”

“Kris looks fantastic,” a third fan wrote, while a fourth added: “Kris always serving CLASS.”

“hope i’m that glamorous when i’m a grandma,” someone else said.

A different person commented: “Kris killed it at the end looking like a yellow peeps.”

It seems that Kris’ daughter Khloe Kardashian might have instructed guests to wear pastel or neon to True’s early birthday bash.

Elsewhere in the video, Stormi and her cousins were seen playing with neon slime in the garden, and Khloe’s huge $17 million mansion was also decorated with multi-color pastel balloons.


Last month, some critics accused Kris of having a “favorite” when it comes to her five famous daughters.

Some people claim that Kris consistently promotes Khloe’s Good American brand on social media and not Kourtney’s Lemme Brand.

In an online thread dedicated to the famous Hulu family, one person wrote: “Some people have guessed that Kris doesn’t have a stake in Lemme. Aka there’s monetary incentive to promote Good American but none for Lemme.”

“Lemme say…it must be a bad product if Kris said Lemme pass,” scathed another, while another agreed writing, “Honestly would you want your name attached to Kourt’s weird pseudoscience sweets? I wouldn’t…”

“Her poosh brand is a Collab with their PR guy the one that always travels with them I think his name is Simon,” explained another.

The theory comes after Kris recently appeared in ads for Khloe’s new collection.


However, last year Kris appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden in September and admitted that her favorite daughter is actually Kylie.

Promoting the latest season of The Kardashians, the momager participated in a lie detector test during their segment.

Once strapped into the device, Kris answered a few warmup questions to calibrate the machine.

The questions then began to delve into the personal, with the late-night host asking the reality star, “Do you or your family have any overseas tax shelters?”

A hesitant Kris answers, “no”, and appeared deeply relieved when the monitor confirmed she had spoken truly.

Next up, Kylie, 25, asked her mother a question that every child with siblings wonders.

Upon reading her question card, she states “I was going to ask this question anyway,” then asks “Am I your favorite child?”

Kris, answering much faster this time, simply responds “yes”.

The monitor confirms the answer is “true”, to the bewilderment of the audience.

Laughingly Kris replies, “I can’t go home,” while a haughty Kyle throws back her hair and smugly reveals that she “already knew the answer.”

TikTok/ KyliejennerKylie Jenner described her momager and her daughter as ‘cute matching girls’[/caption]

Instagram/ KyliejennerKylie even gave her fans a closer look at Kris’ neon suit via her Instagram Stories[/caption]

TikTok/ KyliejennerKylie started the TikTok video by showing her and Stormi getting ready for the party[/caption]

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