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Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik praised for ‘normalizing anxiety’ in new video and calls her ‘the most relatable celebrity’

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik praised for ‘normalizing anxiety’ in new video and calls her ‘the most relatable celebrity’

MAYIM Bialik has been praised for “normalizing anxiety” in a new video.

The Jeopardy! host was also called the “most relatable celebrity” ever, as she struggled to leave a voicemail.

Instagram/Mayim BialikMayim Bialik made a video about having anxiety over leaving a voicemail[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyThe Jeopardy! host was deemed ‘so relatable’ in the video[/caption]

On Saturday night, Mayim shared a video of herself, make-up free, and in comfortable clothes at home.

“Listening back to my own voicemail to make sure I sounded ok,” she captioned the video.

The Jeopardy! co-host held up her phone case to her ear, as she was filming on her phone, and pretended to leave a voicemail.

“Hey, it’s Mayim,” she said. “Yeah. Just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be able to make it to that thing, um, that we we’re going to do.”

“But, let’s do it next week? Is that cool? Just like super, crazy busy. Yeah.”

The next clip showed her listening back to her voicemail to hear what she actually said.

“Hey, it’s me. I’ve had just like a hell of a week,” her voice over said.

Mayim made a cringing face, as she continued to listen.

“Perimenopause is real. It’s like a ten-year process and it feels like all ten years are hitting me right now.”

The 47-year-old bit her nail, as she realized what she actually said.

“My house looks like a f**king tornado hit it, so. It’s just nothing is happening tonight, except me laying in my bed and crying, so have a great night,” Mayim ended.

She looked like she was about to cry before scrunching up her face and putting it on the table, probably dying from embarassment.

“Is that what I said?” she captioned the post.


Despite Mayim feeling completely embarrassed, her followers thought she was super relatable and funny.

“‘Nothing is happening tonight except me laying in my bed and crying’…relatable as hell,” one wrote.

Many said: “I felt this in my soul.”

“Yup. That sounds about right to me!” commented a third.

Another added: “Ur so relatable on SO MANY levels… luv ya!!!”

“So relatable, I love this!! I refer to your video of you recovering from social interactions all the time. Grateful for you and your truth!!” wrote a follower.

“Girl… same,” many said.

“Soooo accurate,” commented one fan.


Last month, Mayim was relatable again as she revealed she cried at Disneyland.

The Jeopardy! host went make-up free in a video as she took some time off from the show.

She posted a video to her Instagram about her emotions and seeing her favorite character.

“I’m kind of an emotional person. Everyone needs to know that,” she started off the video.

“You know that character from Inside Out, the sad one, she’s my favorite,” Mayim chuckled.

“I was at Disneyland, and she was there as a character, and I wanted to hug her and they told me she had to go on a break,” the Jeopardy! host said with a chuckle.

“And I didn’t get to hug her and I started crying because I just like her character so much.”

The 47-year-old continued: “And she slumped off and I was crying at Disneyland because I couldn’t hug her.”

She then proceeded to put her face in her hands and laugh.

Mayim went on to say that her boyfriend said that maybe she had explosive diarrhea and had to leave.

The host added that she didn’t care because she just wanted to hug her.

“True story of how I cried at Disneyland the other day,” she captioned the post.

Instagram/Mayim BialikAfter leaving a voicemail, Mayim listened to it back and it was completely different than what she thought[/caption]

Instagram/Mayim BialikThe host has posted about her anxiety a lot on social media[/caption]

GettyShe co-hosts Jeopardy! with Ken Jennings[/caption]

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