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American Pickers star Danielle Colby flaunts her curves in tight jeans and reveals her bold accessory for new photo

American Pickers star Danielle Colby flaunts her curves in tight jeans and reveals her bold accessory for new photo

AMERICAN Pickers star Danielle Colby has flaunted her curves and a bold accessory in a new photo.

Instagram/daniellecolbyamericanpickerAmerican Pickers star Danielle Colby showed off her curves in a new photo[/caption]

History ChannelThe star wrote a lengthy post about the bad weather across the United States[/caption]

Danielle, 47, posted a photo to her Instagram feed that showed her standing on a set of metal stairs.

She held a balled fist to her chin in the snap and smiled while wearing red lipstick.

Her hair was curled and she had a bold pair of cat-eye glasses on.

The American Pickers star had on a western-style shirt that was tied and tucked into a pair of wide-leg denim jeans.

In her caption, Danielle addressed severe weather ripping through portions of the United States, writing: “Wowza! Tornado time… Yes, I am ok. I stayed huddled in the basement with @Lolahbearxo and Oliver last night as a tornado formed over our neighborhood in Orion, Illinois.

“I could tell it was certainly a tornado because my basement has windows and the house was shaking, sounding like a train passing.”

She went on: “We had all of the animals and we hid under a table in the basement until it passed to @lolahbearxo house 2 miles away. She has damage to her garage but both our homes are still standing and not too badly damaged.

“My son @slothman_miles had significant flooding. He sent me video as water poured from his pipes in the basement he and Amy were taking shelter in. The tornado became more fully formad as it sped towards Geneseo on its way to Chicago.”

Danielle continued: “My folks lost power in Erie Illinois but are also safe as are my sisters and their families. I’ve been through many tornadoes. This one was a banger! Growing up in the Midwest, tornadoes are a frequent thing.

“But tornadoes of that intensity, size are wild! The wind is still howling this morning, please be careful out there if you’re living in the Midwest.

“Please check on your friends and neighbors. I’m thankful that the tornado started forming over our neighborhood, and we did not feel the full force of nature yesterday. My heart goes out to all those who did. Aside from some small damage to my house, everything looks OK in the neighborhood.”

Her message concluded with: “Obviously, anything outside was fair game so we lost some gutters, a few items that were still in the yard, etc. Fortunately, I cleaned out the garage right before the tornadoes hit and put our cars away.

“We are all safe, humans and animals and ready for a little bit of cleanup today. Sending everybody love and hoping everybody made it out of the storms. OK. I still have not caught up with the news, so I am unsure of how the rest of our area fared through the massive storm front.”


Danielle and her daughter Memphis, whom she referenced several times in her recent post by her Instagram handle, both share an affinity for burlesque.

Recently, the History Channel star’s daughter – an OnlyFans model – showed all her curves as she posed in sheer lingerie.

She captioned the post: “If I was a mythical creature what would I be?”

In the pic, she wore mint-green lingerie while posing in a seductive manor on a balcony.

There were straps wrapped around her curvy figure and she wore a garter belt attacked to her stockings.

Her see-through bra and underwear left very little to the imagination.

In the post’s comment section, one fan responded: “Mermaid point blank PERIOD.”

A second person suggested: “A siren.”

While a third commenter wrote: “Definitely a unicorn.”

Memphis frequently strips down for photos and videos that she shares on social media.

Earlier this month, she ditched her clothing as she went skinny-dipping and snapped a sultry photo.

In the social media snap, the model stretched her nude body across while air bubbles covered parts of her.

Memphis perked up her booty and wrapped her arm around her boobs. 

She captioned the post: “I literally don’t want to be anywhere else but here right now.”

Fans went wild as one person wrote: “You are gorgeous!” while another added, “Beautiful!”


Memphis isn’t the only member of her family that shares sexy pics online.

Mom Danielle frequently shows off her burlesque costumes online or goes without clothes.

She recently shared a photo of herself laying nude on a beach.

The black-and-white snap was a throwback and showed her laying in the sand in a shallow portion of the ocean while resting her head in her hands.

She had her eyes closed in the picture and had a bandana tied like a headband around her hair. 

It appeared that she was not wearing a top in the photo, though a bit of her bikini bottoms was visible.

Danielle captioned the post: “3 years ago today.”

The History Channel star is known for showing off her figure online.

She regularly wows fans with snippets of her burlesque looks on social media. 

She has carried on doing this even while recovering from a major health scare, which she updated fans on along the way.

Instagram/@lolahbearxoDanielle’s daughter Memphis, whom she referenced in the post, shares her love of burlesque and showing off her figure[/caption]

Instagram/ Danielle ColbyDanielle regularly strips down to sexy costumes or forgoes clothes all together[/caption]

Instagram/Danielle ColbyThe star recently stunned fans with a sext nude snap[/caption]

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