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American Pickers fans go wild as Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie reveals ‘beautiful’ $17K vintage green Cadillac in new pic

American Pickers fans go wild as Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie reveals ‘beautiful’ $17K vintage green Cadillac in new pic

AMERICAN Pickers’ Robbie Wolfe has put a vintage Cadillac up for sale, and it’s undoubtedly a thing of beauty.

Robbie, 62, is the brother of an original American Picker Mike Wolfe, 58. Robbie was brought onto the show in recent seasons to co-star with his brother.

INSTAGRAM/rjwolfepickerRobbie Wolfe from American Pickers posted photos of a car he has for sale[/caption]

Instagram/rjwolfepickerThe car is a 1963 mint green Cadillac with only 21k miles on it[/caption]

Now, Robbie has graduated to selling some of his own unique and fabulous finds, like the Cadillac.

The car is a 1963 mint green Cadillac with only 21,000 miles on the speedometer.

He’s selling it for $17,000, which includes delivery anywhere in the continental US, which feels like a real steal for this vintage gem.

Robbie posted a video and a photo of the Cadillac which shows off the sharp lines, pristine paint job, and vintage fabric interior – which seems to be in good condition.

Based on the comments on the Instagram post, it doesn’t seem like the Wolfe brothers will have this car for very long.

Fans of American Pickers called the car “awesome, and” beautiful,” and some even asked for more information on how to purchase it.


Robbie also recently posted a video on Instagram flaunting a rare vintage sign, which fans in the comments deemed a “work of art.”

The massive sign appears to be several yards long and about three feet tall.

The word “Chevrolet” shines in all caps and neon lights, and it’s bordered by multicolored blinking light bulbs.

Robbie spoke about the sign where he said the display is from 1949, and he said it was in literal pieces when the Pickers found it.

He shared: “There she be. 1949 I think this was put up in Des Moines, Iowa, Cresent Chevrolet. All done, all restored.

“We got the sign – it was in pieces, believe it or not, but it’s got quite a history Cresent Chevrolet is now the Big Row Brewery in Des Moines, so if you ever get a chance, go visit those guys in Big Row.”

The star finished: “This was the sign that came off that dealership, 1949. I love the red green yellow bulbs.

“That’s a tradition that they don’t do anymore. That’s kind of a Chevy tradition.”


A holy grail that the Pickers found was a unique and preserved vintage trailer from the 1930s.

It’s a classic 1930s 5th-wheel trailer that Mike was looking to sell online for $20,000.

The bulky green trailer looks its age, with chipping wood and rust throughout, but there are some romantic qualities to the mobile home.

Photographs shared on Facebook revealed a bunk bed inside, a folding table, a stove, and a sink.

It’s decorated with road maps from the time and even an old radio sitting on a shelf.

Mike referred to the rig as rare and unusual in the caption, adding: “Picked from a museum in Nebraska that had stored the trailer in their archives for many years, it’s a true time capsule.

“Maybe one of the first vagabond trailers is believed to be from 1933. Skinned in what they called leatherette. 100% all original inside and out and is untouched.

“Features a front kitchen with sink and a removable 2 burner camp stove and rear bedroom.”

Instagram/rjwolfepickerEven the fabric interior is in good condition, and it’s being sold for 17k[/caption]

Instagram/rjwolfepickerRobbie recently shared a restored neon Chevy sign on his Instagram[/caption]

A+E NetworksRobbie joined his brother Mike, who helped launch the show, on American Pickers[/caption]

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