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Little People fans mock Audrey Roloff after noticing major error in her new post and say it’s ‘so embarrassing’

Little People fans mock Audrey Roloff after noticing major error in her new post and say it’s ‘so embarrassing’

LITTLE People, Big World critics have bashed Audrey Roloff over an error in her latest social media post.

The former TLC star has had trouble spelling words in her social media posts in the past and faced similar scrutiny.

Instagram/audreyroloffLittle People critics are slamming Audrey Roloff over a mistake in her new post[/caption]

Instagram/Audrey RoloffThe star spelled a word wrong in her caption, leaving commenters laughing[/caption]

Audrey took to her Instagram Story to share a photo of herself in the kitchen.

She posed sidled up to an island with a fresh-baked loaf of bread sitting on a cooling rack.

The LPBW personality was wearing an apron over a flannel top and smiling.

Her hair was pulled back and she appeared to have makeup on.

The caption on the post read: “Hardley have any pictures of myself on my camera roll.

“Trying to remember now and then.”

Audrey’s Instagram Story post was shared on Reddit, where critics called out a glaring spelling error.

Rather than write “hardly,” the mom of three had incorrectly written “hardley.”


One critic wrote: “Who’s Hardley?”

Another joked that it was “maybe [a] soft launch of next baby’s name?”

A third commenter wondered: “Does she not have autocorrect on her phone?”

Someone else chimed in with a simple: “So embarrassing.”

A fifth critic wrote: “They’re gonna name the next baby Hardley.”

Another commented: “Hardley? HARDLEY?? Hasn’t she ‘published’ books? LOLOL.”

A seventh comment read: “I don’t know much about her so I assumed she had a kid named Hardley.”

Someone else wrote: “College-educated but spells ‘hardly’ incorrectly? I hope she doesn’t decide to home-school!”


Fans have not been easy on Audrey as of late, recently slamming her over comments she made in response to a school shooting in Nashville that left six people dead.

The star “liked” a series of slides that argued against “stricter gun laws” after the incident.

On Monday, Audrey Hale allegedly entered a private Christian school and shot six people, including three children, in Tennessee.

The alleged shooter is a former student of the Covenant School.

They were armed with two assault-style rifles and a handgun at the time.

Days after the tragedy, an LPBW fan noticed Audrey’s controversial “liked” post, which was titled: “Here’s a different perspective on school shootings.”

The post featured nine slides that argued that while the shooting is “sad,” the media is manipulating people into reacting emotionally to it and that guns are ultimately needed to help protect people.

One slide read: “Nearly 400 kids under the age of 16 have been shot in Chicago within the past year and a half.

“However, the media insists that the lives in school shootings matter most. Why? Because you can’t relate to Chicago. You don’t live there, so why would you care?

“Your kids go to an elementary school though… you can relate to that. The media is determining what’s worth showing you and pulling at your heartstrings.”

It then stated that guns are used to “defend” the president, celebrities, banks, courts, jewelry stores, sporting events, and music festivals.

It added: “We defend our children with a sign that reads ‘this is a gun free zone’ and then call someone with a gun to come help in an emergency.

“Pass strict gun laws or ban guns, then what? We’ll still have a country full of homicidal sociopaths.”

The post went on: “Why are we arguing about the way we protect children when 100 per cent of the time the school shooting has been taken down by guess what… an armed individual.

“I get it… it’s sad and you’re tired. But guess what? Those in control know this and are using you to their advantage.

“You can be empathetic without being broken. It is never wise to make decisions/calls to action while in a state of distress.”


People shared their outrage at the “repulsive” post and Audrey’s reaction to it on Reddit. 

One wrote: “This is vile. YES, the shootings in Chicago are bad. YES, school shootings are bad. BOTH are bad things. 

“They should not be compared and the end goal is both to stop people dying from gun violence. Kids go to school to be safe. 

“They should not fear of getting shot there. GUNS ARE THE ISSUE. SHE IS THE ISSUE.”

Another added: “I think it goes to show how ignorant, small minded and basically dumb [Audrey] is. 

“If she ever got pushback for liking it I don’t think she’d even have the capacity to grasp why people we’re against it. She’d think people were trying to bring her down because she has it all and people are “jealous.’”

A third posted: “She’s awful awful awful. Absolutely awful. It’s disgusting. How would she feel if it were HER kids? But oh wait…she’s going to home school, so it doesn’t matter. Repulsive.”

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffSome jokingly speculated that the name might be the name of a future child[/caption]

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffAudrey has been taking serious heat from critics as of late[/caption]

InstagramShe recently ‘liked’ a controversial post about ‘gun control’ in the wake of a school shooting[/caption]

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