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Wheel of Fortune fans roast WWE star for ‘making the same error twice’ on new special

Wheel of Fortune fans roast WWE star for ‘making the same error twice’ on new special

WHEEL Of Fortune fans have mocked contestant Natalya Neidhart for making the same mistake twice.

Professional wrestler Natalya, 40, appeared on the game show alongside Kofi Kingston and The Miz during WWE tournament week.

Wheel Of Fortune fans have mocked contestant Natalya Neidhart for making the same mistake twiceShe asked to buy the vowel ‘o’ twice

Each night this week, three regular Wheel of Fortune players have been paired with pro wrestlers.

The top three teams will go head-to-head on Friday.

During Thursday’s episode, Natalya competed with her partner Grant.

Early into the show, the Canadian athlete was mocked for making a blunder while spinning on a puzzle under “Fun and Games.”

They bought the vowel “I” and then could be heard whispering to each other that they’d buy an “O.”

“I’d like to buy an “O” Natalya said.

Host Pat Sajak said, laughing, “A little birdie told me you might buy an O,” as the vowel appeared on the screen.

The 75-year-old asked: “What is the bird saying now.”

The two players then whispered again and then Natalya said firmly:“I’m buying the O.”

Pat hesitated and said, “Uhh,” before regaining his composure and replying: “You know what, the O’s already been called.”

He moved swiftly on to Kofi and his partner Karla, who correctly guessed that the phrase was, “Taking a Unicycle For A Spin.”

Natalya’s live error didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home, who flooded Twitter with their amusement.

One asked, “Did I hear buy an O twice?” and another added: “Dude is intoxicated #WheelOfFortune asking for an O twice.”

A third commented, “I was dying at that,” and added a string of laughing emojis.


Natalya along with Grant edged out Monday’s winner to become one of the three final teams with $19.5K – though they didn’t win the prize puzzle and looked peeved about it.

They were asked for a two-word solution having selected the category “Places” and even got an extra consonant to use.

They picked a BHAGD and the puzzle read as _ _ DE  _ _ _ LE _ _ ARDS

They got to “wide” but could not get to Wide Boulevards.

When the full puzzle was presented after the 10-second timer, they just stared.

“Wide Boulevards!? Oh ok,” Grant shaded.

He physically turned away from the camera having lost out on a Ford.

“But listen, you’re coming back tomorrow!” Pat comforted. 

Last night, Big E. and his partner advanced to the finals of the special a top three score of the week – the WWE wrestler told Vanna White he’d be “saving her kisses for later.”

And on Tuesday, WWE star Austin Theory and his partner Ray also secured a finals slot despite bothering some fans since Austin competed with his shirt completely open.

Those pairs as well as Natalya and Grant will face off on Thursday thus concluding the brief new special.

Viewers cracked up over the blunderABCHost Pat Sajak couldn’t hide his confusion[/caption]

GettyShe is a Canadian wrestler[/caption]

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