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Little People’s Tori Roloff makes bombshell baby confession after fans speculate she’s expecting fourth child

Little People’s Tori Roloff makes bombshell baby confession after fans speculate she’s expecting fourth child

LITTLE People star Tori Roloff has joked that she’d like to have “10 more children” if they all turned out like her baby son Josiah.

The 31-year-old made the admission while sharing sweet photos of the 11-month-old on Instagram on Thursday.

Instagram/@toriroloffTori Roloff joked that she’d like to have ’10 more children’ if they all turned out like her baby son Josiah[/caption]

Instagram/@toriroloffShe made the confession while sharing snaps of Josiah to celebrate him turning 11 months[/caption]

Josiah lay back on a blanket that marked out his age in one snap and stood next to a wooden sign that read, “11 months,” in another.

Tori‘s youngest child looked adorable in a tiny white shirt, bowtie and gray trousers.

The Little People, Big World star captioned the post: “One more month until this sweet thing turns one!

“There is no stopping this kid! He is on the move and loving life! He is seriously the happiest little boy ever and we are all just obsessed with him!”

She went on: “Josiah has 6 teeth! He is standing and using everything to get around!

“Si Si knows how to wave and clap which is a fun party trick! He still loves Bath time most of all!

“Josiah continues to be obsessed with his brother and sister! He is chatting more but no words yet!”

Tori admitted: “There’s not much that upsets this kid, and honestly if I could guarantee if I had more kids that they’d turn out like him – I’d probably have 10!”

She then clarified that she was joking, adding: “No I’m kidding. We’re done. No more. Love you so much Si guy!”

Tori is already mom to Jackson, five; Lilah, three; and Josiah.

Last month, she made a similar statement about having babies when she admitted that she misses being pregnant.

The TLC posted a throwback snap when she was pregnant and wrote: “It’s amazing how you can loathe something and love something so much all at the same time.

“I don’t miss being pregnant, but then I do.”


Fans have been speculating that she is expecting another child with her husband, Zach Roloff, though she has not addressed those rumors.

Some seem to think she’s been dropping hints on social media.

The TV personality recently took to her Instagram Story to test a makeup product that fans mistook for a pregnancy test.

She shared a “Get Ready With Me” video on her Instagram account, kicking off the clip by greeting her followers.

Tori said: “You’re in my bathroom.”

She went on to explain: “I’m here because I’m going to do a get ready with me.”

Tori then proceeded to apply her makeup while chatting about her gym habits, makeup products she’s been loving lately, and other makeup tutorials.

In the comment section, fans offered different makeup application techniques and video tutorial advice to the blossoming influencer. 

One person wrote: “Blend it down on your neck it looks really white and not matching your face.”

However, others were quite confused by the post.

“I literally thought you were about to pick up another pregnancy test,” one person said at the time as another agreed: “Same.”

Tori Roloff/InstagramLast month, Tori admitted she ‘misses being pregnant’[/caption]

TLCFans have been speculating that she is expecting her fourth child with Zach Roloff[/caption]

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