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Jeopardy! fans crack up over hilarious detail about 2-day champ Lisa Sriken in new clip

Jeopardy! fans crack up over hilarious detail about 2-day champ Lisa Sriken in new clip

JEOPARDY! fans have cracked up over a hilarious detail about two-day champion, Lisa Sriken, in a new clip.

They said she makes funny facial expressions while on the show.

ABCJeopardy! fans love Lisa Sriken’s facial expressions and want her to go into stand-up comedy[/caption]

ABCKen Jennings is the current co-host of the game show, alongside Mayim Bialik[/caption]

Sadly, Lisa lost her winning streak on Thursday’s night game.

The returning champ faced Sharon Stone – no, not the actress – a manager from Round Rock, Texas, and Jacob Lang, an e-commerce specialist from Cleveland, Ohio

Lisa is a former lawyer from New York City who earlier revealed she’s having a “mid-life crisis” after having left her law firm.

But, fans were happy to have her on the show because she brought entertainment to it.

Jeopardy! watchers are calling her a champion anyway because of the faces that she makes.

Fans took to Reddit to comment on the hilarious detail.

“The expressions of a champion. :),” one fan wrote, as they posted pictures of Lisa.

In the three pictures, she made a cringe face, a mad face, and a shocked one with her lips puckered.

“Her expressions are a hoot!” one fan said.

“She has cracked me up several times so I had to take some quick pics of her for fun,” commented another.

A third added: “She’s a lot of fun to watch.”

However, one Reddit user wasn’t a fan of them and wrote: “The facial expressions she had were a little over the top.”


Due to the entertainment she gave watchers, Jeopardy! fans suggested that Lisa should take up stand-up comedy.

They don’t think Lisa’s time in the spotlight is over, especially now that her schedule has freed up.

One Twitter user wrote: “Lisa’s next job should be in comedy. She’d make a great stand-up comedian!”

Another Twitter fan begged: “DO COMEDY, LISA. #Jeopardy.

A third wrote: “She’s auditioning for her stand-up comedy career.”

And a fourth also felt this was the natural next step: “The career she SEEMS to be training for next is standup comic!”

And a fifth wrote: “Man I knew it wasn’t going to last long cuz she got a lot wrong in each show, but I wanted Lisa to go forever!”

“I’ve got a career suggestion for Lisa on @Jeopardy — comedian! She’s very funny,” wrote even a sixth.


Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings was left in stitches during Lisa’s interview. as she won over the crowd with her huge personality.

She face Nicole Rudolph and Mara Lasko during her first episode.

While the all-out girls’ night proved to be a close contest, it was Lisa at the leftmost podium who pulled ahead in the very last moment, and left Jeopardy! fans dying.

Ken, 48, asked during her Q&A how she came in third place in a ridiculous-sounding event.

She recalled: “Well, my friend and I joined a Hall and Oates music video contest impersonating Hall and Oates” – as Ken started to laugh.

Lisa continued: “[We] won third place, but I found out what it’s like to be famous and have haters because I got nasty messages saying I look nothing like John Oates – which is false!”

Ken lost it at that point and collected himself to reply: “You feel like you’re a pretty good match for John Oates?”

Lisa defended she was and framed her face with her hands – “yeah!”

Ken relented: “You’re a John Oates type I can totally see it.”

From there, Lisa’s gameplay was no joke, but she didn’t take herself too seriously – making relatable emotive facial expressions when missing clues.

She guessed “Reno 911!” for a TV show clue that read as set in Austin – but had just enough earnings to stay on the charts going into Final Jeopardy.

Returning champ Nicole had $9,600, Lisa at $5,400, and Mara at $4,200 – which was interesting since their two scores equaled Nicole’s first-place score.


Final Jeopardy under “Transportation USA” read: “This public agency runs the USA’s busiest bus terminal, opened in 1950 for commuters awed by its polished steel & stone.”

Lisa and Nicole were both correct with “Port Authority,” and Lisa added a fantastic flourish – she wrote: “Port Authority – please clap,” channeling her inner Jeb Bush as the audience indeed clapped.

“Wow, it worked!” Ken said. “You’re going to open a real pandora’s box I think.”

Lisa wagered $4,201 – and her score jumped to $9,601 – winning the game with a wide-eyed look that was the cherry on top.

Nicole was the only player to miss as she wrote “MTA” and she went from the lead to third place.

ABCDespite losing, fans said she was the ultimate champion as she kept the entertainment going[/caption]

JEOPARDY! / ABCLisa fake crying when she got an answer wrong[/caption]

ABCThe contestant cracked up Ken with his hilarious antics[/caption]

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