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Alabama Barker, 17, claps back at ‘old’ critics who call out teen’s ‘inappropriate’ behavior in new video

Alabama Barker, 17, claps back at ‘old’ critics who call out teen’s ‘inappropriate’ behavior in new video

KOURTNEY Kardashian’s stepdaughter Alabama Barker has clapped back at critics who have accused her of inappropriate behavior on social media.

Alabama, 17, recently took to TikTok to post a sexy video in response to the criticism.

INSTAGRAM/alabamaluellabarkerKourtney Kardashian’s stepdaughter Alabama Barker is often accused of dressing ‘too mature’[/caption]

TikTok/Alabama BarkerThe teen posted new TikTok video clapping back at critics[/caption]

TikTok/Alabama BarkerTravis Barker’s daughter wore sexy lingerie captioning the video, ‘I love how I make the oldys mad.’[/caption]

In the video, Travis Barker’s daughter wore a black lace bralette top and pink short silk shorts with black lace trim.

The teen wore a matching pink silk robe over the ensemble but did not use it to cover up her exposed body parts.

At one point, she picked up a large vase full of flowers, started dancing with it, and licked her lips seductively at the end of the video.

Alabama captioned the video: “I love how I make the oldys mad.”

However, critics on a Kardashian Reddit who watched the video weren’t that impressed.

One wrote: “Alabama sweetie you are not ‘making the oldys mad’ we are 26 and concerned,” as another responded: “Exactly lmao. Ain’t nobody jealous that you’re an extremely oversexual, out of control minor who thinks she’s a Victoria Secret model. We just feel bad that you don’t get to be a kid.”

“the only thing that makes me mad that she spelt ‘oldies’ wrong, and I aint that mad LOL,” wrote another.

“while I hope she doesn’t read comments in general, I do hope she sees some like these that express concern for her well-being and desires for her to be happy and healthy,” they explained further.

“Look at her IG. Or maybe don’t. She was posing in almost lingerie when she was like 10 and her dad liked the photos. It’s really uncomfortable and sad,” lamented another.

Recently, Alabama took to Instagram to flaunt her figure in an NSFW ensemble amid fans being concerned that she “acts inappropriately.”


The snap appeared to be a selfie, seemingly captured in her bedroom mirror.

Alabama had her hand on her hip in the snap, sporting a sheer sleeveless catsuit that hugged her frame.

Though the catsuit was opaque in some places, like around her bosom and private area, it was see-through in other spots, like her midsection and thigh area.

The explicit version of the viral hip hop song, Don’t Play With it, by Lola Brooke, played over her Story slide.

Being that Alabama is still underaged, the outfit choice for her Story seemed not to be very age-appropriate, much like other ensembles that she’s worn.

In February 2022, she clapped back at those who slammed her dad for allowing her to dress maturely and dragged her for not dressing within her age demographic.

Alabama showed the haters that she isn’t bothered by the comments telling her to “act [her] age” and shared a trio of glam new shots online.


Alabama’s followers are also worried that Kourtney is encouraging her controversial behavior.

In new photos, Alabama posed in blue lighting and pouted for the camera while she wore an all-black outfit and a full face of makeup.

However, the teenager’s followers noted the “adult” styling and posing of the pics, and slammed Kourtney and her husband Travis for their parenting skills.

One person reposted one of the photos to Reddit, along with the caption: “I am genuinely concerned about the way that Travis and Kourtney are raising Alabama…”

Another responded: “I think the point is she’s not being parented.”

“She looks and behaves as if she’s 28!! Her parents are trash. They’re trash for allowing this child to behave like a damn near 30 yo. Disgusting,” commented one enraged forum user.

Some critics pointed out that both dad Travis and stepmom Kourtney had interacted with Alabama’s controversial Instagram content.

One wrote: “My dad woulda grounded me and taken my phone, not freaking liked the picture!”

A second theorized: “What I meant by including Kourtney is she likes the photos, hence showing her approval.”

Debate also sparked about what Kourtney’s parenting duties were as stepmother to the teenager.

A comment read: “Even though she is stepmom. She absolutely could and should (if she cared) offer some guidance or advice to Travis or even just a kind and friendly talk with Alabama.”

Another argued: “This is on Travis and Shanna as parents, not Kourtney. She’s been stepmom for a hot minute and I highly doubt she gets much say in what Alabama does or posts…”

InstagramKourtney Kardashian has been accused of encouraging Alabama’s sexy behavior[/caption]

Instagram/alabamaluellabarkerFans say they are ‘genuinely concerned’ about the way Alabama is being raised[/caption]

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