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Vanderpump Rules fans ‘grossed out’ by Raquel Leviss’ ‘fake flirting’ with single co-star to ‘decoy’ Tom Sandoval affair

Vanderpump Rules fans ‘grossed out’ by Raquel Leviss’ ‘fake flirting’ with single co-star to ‘decoy’ Tom Sandoval affair

VANDERPUMP Rules fans have accused Raquel Leviss of using tom Schwartz as a distraction amid her affair with Tom Sandoval.

During Wednesday’s episode, the former pageant queen and Minnesota native were spotted flirting at a party celebrating Scheana Shay and Brock Davies.

Vanderpump Rules fans slammed Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz’s ‘fake flirting’Bravo/YoutubeBravo viewers claim it was a cover for her affair with Tom Sandoval[/caption]

On the show, viewers watched as SUR-owner Lisa Vanderpump gathered a majority of the cast to celebrate the couple’s impending nuptials.

While others mingled together, Tom Schwartz, 40, and Raquel, 28, snuck off to a quiet spot to chat and flirt.

They looked on at an intense game of ping pong as Katie Maloney‘s ex-husband recalled the game that led to him getting Lisa’s initials tattooed on him.

“My a** looks great with LVP on it,” he joked.

Raquel coyly replied: “I’m sure it does.”

He then responded: “I’ll show you in Mexico,” referring to the upcoming trip South of the Border for Scheana and Brock’s wedding.

The flirting didn’t stop there either.

Tom Sandoval – who it’s since been revealed was having an affair with Raquel for several months – invited the cast to his and Tom Schwartz’s bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s, for an after-party.

During the gathering, Raquel asked Tom Schwartz to show her an art installation in the eatery.

The recently-divorced reality star compared the piece to a “portal to another dimension,” bringing Raquel to see it.

They then popped into the men’s bathroom together to check it out before Tom Schwartz offered to guard the door while Raquel used the restroom.


On Twitter, viewers were unmoved by the flirtations, claiming it was all “fake.”

One viewer wrote: “Is this some decoy situation here because it feels SO FORCED.”

Another tweeted: “Yeah it’s making me mad how Raquel and Tom Schwartz are trying to flirt which is so fake. I feel he knew what was happening between her and Tom Sandoval.”

Other fans pointed out that when Raquel wasn’t flirting with one Tom, she was sitting near the other.

An eagle-eyed viewer wrote: “Without this scandal… vpr should be canceled… in fact, cancel the rest of this boring ass season and just give us the reunion…”

Another Vanderpump Rules fan suggested: “Tom’s terrible fashion makes finding him and [Raquel] in the background so easy. I thought it would be harder to find the Easter Eggs.”


This wouldn’t be the first time fans have noted clues about Raquel and Tom Sandoval’s relationship hiding in plain sight during episodes of Vanderpump Rules.

Although the majority of the season was filmed before news of the affair broke, viewers have picked up on several signs.

During last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules the embattled Bravo personality crashed a cast boy’s night after a failed girl’s trip with Katie and Lala Kent.

Raquel was shown breaking down the drama, accusing her one-time gal pals of picking on her and “setting her up” only to slam her for enjoying being single, sparking up flings, and kissing men while out and about.

Tom and the rest of the male cast, including Katie’s ex-husband Tom Schwartz, sided with her which fans thought was telling.

What’s more, eagle-eyed viewers noted Tom Sandoval rolling his eyes at one point as Raquel complained: “I was being young and fun and single, living my life, and these girls like literally set me up, making me seem like I’m only chasing after guys that they’re interested in.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Sandoval rolling his eyes at Lala’s comment about not trusting Raquel around men….BABYYYY.”

Later in the episode, Raquel caught up with her ex-fiancé James Kennedy to chat about him abruptly leaving the earlier outing.

The DJ revealed that his current girlfriend wasn’t comfortable with him being around Raquel, to which she replied: “Well, we’ll be around each other in instances where Ally probably won’t be around.

“I mean, I don’t know if she’s going to the pool party at Tom Sandoval’s later this week.”

James said he hadn’t heard about the party, at which point Raquel replied: “Well, you’re invited. Tom Sandoval told me.”


Fans on Twitter were stunned at the comment, with several suggesting that it was the biggest clue yet that the affair was going on.

One viewer wrote: “Ummmm…. Tom Sandoval told Raquel that she could invite James to his and Ariana’s pool party?!?!?!?! This screams [red] flags.”

Another tweeted: “Raquel inviting James Kennedy to Tom and Ariana’s pool party on behalf of Tom was telling.”

A third Twitter user wrote: “RAQUEL invited JAMES to TOM’S pool party. The signs. The red flags. OMG. It’s all right there! And isn’t it also ARIANA’S pool party? Why is HER name missing from Raquel’s lips? The disrespect.”

Someone else chimed in: “‘Sandoval told me’ oh okay.”

Another tweet read: “So Raquel says ‘Tom Sandoval’s party’ instead of ‘Tom and Ariana’s party.’”

A sixth tweet read: “not Raquel saying pool party at Tom Sandoval’s in lieu of ARIANA’S.”

Once the pool party began, fans thought the clues kept rolling in.

Raquel faced off with Lala and Katie while Ariana – who was not involved in the drama at that point – and the rest of the cast looked on.

Tom Sandoval, however, repeatedly inserted himself in the disagreement, defending Raquel.

He accused Lala of being “a bully” toward Raquel and fans took notice of his support.

The reality star said at the time: “Will you stop? I can’t unsee the f**king bully that you were to her for no reason. For no reason!”

“Watching the Tom’s gas up Raquel it all makes sense how this happened. She’s sooooooo desperate,” one fan wrote.

BravoThe pair have been teasing a hookup all season long[/caption]

BravoRaquel has lost the support of many viewers after her relationship with Sandoval became public[/caption]

Instagram/raquellevissIt’s been reported that the duo was hooking up secretly for several months[/caption]

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