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Live’s Ryan Seacrest demands ‘take that out!’ to Kelly Ripa’s fill-in host as he says ‘it’s not for television’

Live’s Ryan Seacrest demands ‘take that out!’ to Kelly Ripa’s fill-in host as he says ‘it’s not for television’

RYAN Seacrest has had to warn his Live guest co-host, Katie Lowes, about what is and isn’t appropriate for television on Thursday.

The American Idol star has had to quickly turn a segment with Kelly Ripa’s fill-in around after it started to get out of hand.

ABCRyan Seacrest was joined by guest co-host Katie Lowes for Live on Thursday[/caption]

ABCHe ended up having to insist she take out a ‘nasal filter’ from her nose she was testing out, as he didn’t think it was ‘for television’[/caption]

On Thursday, the Live co-hosts continued Spring has Sprung Week with another segment about the season – this time all about allergies.

Dr. Tania Elliott appeared on the show to help give some tips, one of which was a product for the nose.

She explained: “I really like these nasal filters. You can put them right inside your nasal passages. 

“It looks like you’re wearing a nose ring. To block the pollen from going into your nose.”

Both Ryan and Katie tested out the product, with Ryan’s hanging out of his nostril and Katie’s firmly stuck inside.

“It looks like a little bit of a booger,” Katie warned her co-star.

He quickly took his out, but the guest co-host continued to keep hers in as she “liked” it.

Ryan wasn’t about it, though, and he insisted: “Um, please take that out! It is not for television.”

Deciding to listen to him, Katie laughed before taking the filter out, thus allowing them all to move on to the next part of the segment.

While this time it was Ryan warning his co-host about mistakes that shouldn’t be made on television, earlier this week he was the one who was called out.

With Kelly out, Lionel joined his Idol co-star Ryan Seacrest on the talk show on Monday.

The beloved singer ended up having to apologize for Ryan’s mistake during another edition of the Spring has Sprung Week segment.

During a spring-centric segment, health and features director at Better Homes & Gardens Amy Brightfield walked Ryan and Lionel through some gardening tips.

Amy showed the guys how to water a plant, once you first put it into the soil, to ensure that it has a smooth growing process.

She told them to “give it a good soaking around the roots.”

The plant enthusiast noted that, when you first plant something, “You’re going to want to water it every day to make sure that the roots take hold.”

She went on to explain that, as the plant grows you can start to water it “every other day,” but as she shared this tip with Ryan and Lionel, she noticed something troubling.

“Don’t water the leaves!,” she told Ryan quickly. “You want to water the root.”

Ryan joked saying: “Lionel told me to water the leaves.”

He added: “He said in rehearsal last night, we were supposed to water the leaves.”

Amy repeated her warning, with Lionel saying in unison: “Don’t water the leaves.”

Then Lionel laughed and apologized to Amy: “I can’t take him anywhere, I’m so sorry.”

NBCEarlier this week, Lionel Richie was the guest co-host filling in for Kelly Ripa[/caption]

ABCThat day, it was Ryan who made a bit of a mistake during a spring-centric segment, as he was called out for watering a plant incorrectly[/caption]

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