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Little People’s Audrey Roloff accused of exposing three kids to ‘disease’ after star reveals family’s controversial diet

Little People’s Audrey Roloff accused of exposing three kids to ‘disease’ after star reveals family’s controversial diet

AUDREY Roloff has been slammed as “dangerous” for allowing her children to drink unpasteurized milk.

Audrey holds question-and-answer sessions on her Instagram Stories about once a week where her followers can inquire about her life.

morethanoils/InstagramAudrey Roloff is being slammed for a ‘dangerous’ parenting decision[/caption]

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffAudrey admitted that her family drinks raw unpasteurized milk every day[/caption]

On Instagram, she said she was answering these questions while her family was on their way “up to the mountain.”

She used an adorable professional photo of her whole family as the backdrop for the Q&A answers.

This week, her followers asked her when her birthday is, about essential oils, grounding mattress pads, and dwarfism.

One follower also asked: “Do you guys drink raw milk?”

To which the TLC star responded: “Everyday” with a silly emoji.


Right after the LPBW alum’s answer was posted on Reddit, critics of the mother of three dragged her for putting her children in “danger.”

One said: “Drinking raw milk is dangerous. She just doesn’t have a whole lot of anything except for air in her head.”

Another wrote: “Raw milk that has been sitting for a while can have bacteria and disease fester. The exception is if you are drinking it straight from the cow essentially.

“But pasteurization basically works to make sure you don’t die from a preventable disease.”

A third mentioned: “I’m surprised she drinks milk. I mean, dairy is made from cows for their babies, not humans. And raw? Lactose,” and they added a barfing emoji.

Someone else said: “She could literally kill those innocent children with that stuff or ruin their lives. Why do people want to potentially hurt their children, I cannot understand these ridiculous and dangerous fads.”


This week, the 31-year-old was ripped for being “judgemental” after saying she was shocked by a statistic that suggests most “average Americans” don’t make home-cooked meals.

She shared a video of her preparing dinner, with the text reading: “Bring back home cooking!”

She wrote in the lengthy caption: “It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour every night after the kids go to bed to put the kitchen to sleep aka clean up the dinner/cooking mess.

“We cook 90 percent of our meals at home.”

She then added: “On average Americans spend 27 minutes cooking dinner and 4 minutes cleaning up! WILD.”

She appeared to be insinuating that the short clean-up time meant that people were eating ill-prepared or frozen meals.

Audrey said: “And yet we wonder what is contributing to the insanely high rates of obesity in our country….”

She also made sure to promote her partnership with an essential oils brand and suggested people “invest” in it to “save their health.”

She was then promptly blasted by critics, who branded her “insufferable” and “snobby” towards parents who didn’t cook homemade meals.

One wrote in the comments of her post, “This is extremely out of touch and a very privileged take. Many parents work out of the home and don’t get home until 6 pm, while barely making enough money to get by.

“People aren’t complaining because they’re lazy or cheap, they have to choose between paying bills or spending more on food and medicine. Learn about how other people live, please.”

INSTAGRAM/morethanoilsAfter the admission, fans attacked Audrey for putting her children in ‘danger’[/caption]

One critic was concerned that she could kill her childrenInstagram/audreyroloffAudrey recently came under fire for a ‘privileged’ point of view about home cooking[/caption]

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