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Jeopardy! fans are all suggesting contestant Lisa Sriken take up a new career path after brutally losing on game 3

Jeopardy! fans are all suggesting contestant Lisa Sriken take up a new career path after brutally losing on game 3

JEOPARDY! fans have come up with a no-brainer career move for Lisa Sriken after she lost on Thursday’s episode.

Viewers expressed online that the instant fan-favorite would be a super-champ at stand-up comedy.

JEOPARDY! / ABCLisa Sriken may have lost after 2 wins and $26.8K but fans think her on-screen era has just begun[/caption]

ABCOne Jeopardy! fan begged on Twitter: ‘Do comedy Lisa!’[/caption]

The returning champ faced Sharon Stone – no, not the actress – a manager from Round Rock, Texas, and Jacob Lang, an e-commerce specialist from Cleveland, Ohio

Lisa is a former lawyer from New York City who earlier revealed she’s having a “mid-life crisis” after having left her law firm.

Sharon used her basic instinct to get both Daily Doubles in the second round and wound up with a runaway or ensured win by Final Jeopardy earning $18,000, while Jacob had $7600.

Final Jeopardy under “Brand Names” read: “The success of this brand has its roots with a hydrotherapy pump its cofounder created for his son, who had arthritis.”

Both players were incorrect on the clue which was looking for “Jacuzzi” and some internet users spotted, seemed eerily similar to a recent clue from the niche online trivia club Learned League.

Sharon guessed “Aleve” but only dropped $1,000 to win $17,000.

Since Lisa was in the red with -$1000 she was dismissed by Ken Jennings, 48, beforehand who said: “I’m sorry you will not be with us for Final Jeopardy today.”

Lisa mimed a tear-drop along her face as Ken added: “But you’re a two-game champ and we loved having you!”

Jeopardy! don’t think Lisa’s time in the spotlight is over, especially now that her schedule has freed up.


One Twitter user wrote: “Lisa’s next job should be in comedy. She’d make a great stand-up comedian!”

Another Twitter fan begged: “DO COMEDY, LISA. #Jeopardy.

A third wrote: “She’s auditioning for her stand-up comedy career.”

And a fourth also felt this was the natural next step: “The career she SEEMS to be training for next is standup comic!”

And a fifth wrote: “Man I knew it wasn’t going to last long cuz she got a lot wrong in each show, but I wanted Lisa to go forever!”


During her three episodes, Lisa became a hit with her on-stage stories, colorful facial expressions, and ridiculous Final Jeopardy responses.

Tonight, she shared she “refused” to answer an interview prompt asking about the “worst mistake she’s ever made.”

She told host Ken she wrote on her form for the contestant coordinators: “‘Lol why would I tell you this?’ Why would I give the American public fodder to humiliate me?”

During her second win, Lisa revealed she was eyeing another career path that she seemed to have completely made up.

Joking that she was “stressed out” after producers “came sniffing around,” she drew laughs from the audience as she revealed: “I actually figured out that I can throw things really far.”

“And I have a lot of self-belief so look for me as an NFL quarterback next season.”

During her debut episode, Lisa spoke about entering a Hall & Oates music video competition alongside a friend, tasked with impersonating the 80s musical duo.

“I found out what it’s like to be famous and have haters, because I got nasty messages alleging that I look nothing like John Oates, which is false,” Lisa said as she wound up in third place in the contest.

“You feel like you’re a pretty good match for John Oates?” Ken asked as Lisa motioned to her face.

“You’re a John Oates type. I can totally see it,” he relented.

During yesterday’s episode, the laughs also rushed in when Lisa failed to find a correct response to the Final Jeopardy clue—putting her brief streak at risk.

Under the category “American Authors,” the clue read: “In a periodical in 1807, he called New York City ‘Gotham, Gotham! Most enlightened of cities.’”

While all three contestants failed to respond correctly, Lisa came out on top having the highest earnings and writing: “Who is Goodbye Cruel World.”

“Planning your Jeopardy! exit, but no,” Ken said. “Despite your message, you’re a two-day Jeopardy! champion!”

She also went two-for-two on that front as she added “Please Clap” in addition to her correct final response in her first game.

There have been no female contestants to qualify for September’s 2023 Tournament of Champions this season, which takes four wins to do so.

But Jeopardy! announced today that they’re unveiling a new qualifying event called Champions Wildcard where any winner can return and get one more shot so anything’s possible.

Seventy-four-time winner Ken and Mayim Bialik, 47, were announced as the successors for the late Alex Trebek over the summer.

Ken is hosting until April 28th at which point Mayim will return on May 1 and ride out the last four months of the season.

Fans will still get more of Ken as he is hosting Jeopardy! Masters, a round-robin 20-episode tournament in primetime on ABC.

The special is airing starting on May 8 – it includes legends like James HolzhauerAmy Schneider, and Mattea Roach.

JEOPARDY! / ABCLisa was eliminated before Final Jeopardy and Sharon Stone won instead[/caption]

ABCKen Jennings told her: ‘We loved having you!’[/caption]

ABCAfter three hilarious interview segments and two Final Jeopardy responses to remember, fans think she should do stand-up (and not join the NFL)[/caption]

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