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Inside the ‘raw’ moments of Netflix’s Emergency NYC as Lenox Hill spin-off doctors treat ‘gunshot’ patients

Inside the ‘raw’ moments of Netflix’s Emergency NYC as Lenox Hill spin-off doctors treat ‘gunshot’ patients

A HIGHLY anticipated Netflix spin-off series starring beloved doctors is set to focus on emergency healthcare in New York City, the producers have announced.

Docu-series Emergency NYC highlights “raw acts of humanity” at top hospital Lenox Hills through the eyes of a legion of legendary care providers.

Beloved real-life doctors from Netflix’s Lenox Hills are returning for a new spin-off seriesNetflixEmergency NYC follows healthcare providers handling crises in one of America’s busines cities[/caption]

NetflixThe show introduces a huge new cast and brings back from familiar faces[/caption]

The new show is a spin-off of another program titled Lenox Hill which was dubbed a “real-life Grey’s Anatomy,” by fans.

Released by Netflix in 2020, the original show followed two neurosurgeons, Drs. David Langer and John Boockvar, an emergency physician Mirtha Macri, and a Chief OB-GYN resident as they navigated the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, former stars Langer, Boockvar, and Macri are joining a much larger cast that faces the difficult battle of providing emergency care in one of America’s busiest cities.

“We wanted to portray the vital importance of each individual, while revealing the complexity of the health system and its many moving parts,” producers Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash told Entertainment Weekly.

“Their raw acts of humanity are usually only witnessed during the most fragile moments of a person’s life, but are necessary for all to see.”

A more intimate aspect of the show is how trauma doctors and other professionals are able to balance the stress of both their professional and personal lives.

“It’s a beautiful lens into what happens behind the scenes in the hectic medical world in New York City,” Lenox Hill Hospital Vice Chairman Dr. Boockvar told Netflix.

Boockvar says that the comparisons to Grey’s are not untrue, as he has performed many of the same procedures as McDreamy including taking out brain tumors or helping patients through a battle with Parkinson’s disease.

“The show was obviously unrealistic in a lot of ways, but it made it a valiant attempt to sort of be on the inside,” he told ET.

“Obviously we don’t have patients with bombs inside of them.”

One new addition to the ER program is Dr. Jose Prince who opens up about treating children who are caught in the crossfire of shootings.

“It’s important for the world to get an inside look at some of our toughest pediatric cases, especially the treatment of gun violence victims, that we as physicians see too often,” he told ET.

At first, Dr. Langer, who is the Chairman of Neurosurgery at the hospital, said he was nervous about a camera following him at first, but decided the experience was “gratifying” after Lenox Hills aired.

Now, he is excited to return and show off how medical professionals work to treat complex neurological issues.

“Being part of Netflix’s Lenox Hill and Emergency NYC has been an experience of a lifetime,” he said.

On March 29, 2023, Emergency NYC is scheduled to be released via Netflix.

It will highlight Lenox Hills, the North Shore University Hospital, Cohen Children’s Medical Center, and Long Island’s SkyHealth helicopter service.

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