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1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton flaunts her new $2.4K Gucci purse- but fans mock her TikTok as the ‘most boring video ever’

1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton flaunts her new $2.4K Gucci purse- but fans mock her TikTok as the ‘most boring video ever’

AMY Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has posted a new video where she unboxes her brand new Gucci bag, but fans hated the video.

Amy posted the new TikTok video earlier today captioned: “Gucci bag and Dior sunglasses unboxing.”

TikTok/amyhalterman87Amy Slaton posted a designer unboxing video on her TikTok today[/caption]

TikTok/amyhalterman87In the video, Amy unboxed a Gucci bag and Dior sunglasses[/caption]

The video starts with the 1000-lb Sisters star talking to the camera with a highly saturated filter on the picture.

She said: “Hey y’all it’s Amy, and today I’ve got a very special unboxing for y’all. It is a Gucci bag and Dior sunglasses.

“Y’all, I’m so thankful to Echo for reaching out to me to sponsor this video. Y’all go look at the website. They have thousands of handbags and jewelry and stuff. Designers on a budget.

“I’m a mom to two baby boys who have a lot of toys. So, I don’t always have time to shop for myself, and Gucci is not on my budget. I need a choo-chi,” and then she laughed.

She then shows a silent and prolonged unboxing of her new bag and sunglasses.

The Gucci bag is a $2,400 branded and brown, and the Dior sunglasses are oval-shaped with a tortoiseshell frame.

The TLC ended the video by saying: “So guys, I hope y’all enjoyed that unboxing, and I’ll talk to you later. Have a nice day. Bye Youtubies, subscribe!”

According to some fans in the comment section of the TikTok video, Amy should stick to making funny videos instead of unboxings.

One said: “That was the most boring unboxing video I’ve ever seen. I expected better than that.”


According to a 911 dispatch document obtained exclusively by The U.S. Sun, Amy claimed her husband Michael started “throwing things” during a heated argument on Friday, February 24.

The explosive argument went down just seventeen days before Michael filed for divorce in their local Kentucky court.

Four days after the 911 call, Amy filed an emergency protective order against Michael, The U.S. Sun can exclusively report.

According to Kentucky court documents, Amy filed a protective order on February 28- just four days after making a 911 call claiming Michael had become “violent” in their home.

The protection order was amended on March 8 to allow Michael to have “supervised contact with children” as long as he is accompanied by his mother and sister.


In February, The U.S. Sun first reported that Amy and Michael had split after five years of marriage.

Although Amy did not take legal action to file for divorce at first, she moved out of their shared family home and in with her sister Tammy taking the children with her.

By March 13, Michael had filed for dissolution of marriage with children against Amy, according to Kentucky court documents exclusively reported by The U.S. Sun.

When news of their split broke in February, a source told The U.S. Sun that Amy and Michael had been in secret arguments for months, and the greatest source of tension had been their two kids.

According to the insider, Amy wanted her kids to continue starring on the family’s reality show – however, Michael did not want his sons to be on camera at all.

The source said: “Michael doesn’t want the kids to be on the show, but Amy disagrees. They have been fighting over this for months.”

The insider also said Amy and her family considered Michael to be “lazy” with childcare, and she and her family felt he was “jealous” over all the attention she gave to their kids.

InstagramFans slammed the unboxing as ‘boring’ in the comment section of the TikTok[/caption]

TikTok / @amyhalterman87Amy and her husband Michael are on the road to divorce after struggling with two kids[/caption]

Instagram/ amyslaton_haltermanAmy left Michael to stay with her sister Tammy, and she took the kids with her[/caption]

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