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Where is Love Is Blind Season 3 cast now?

Where is Love Is Blind Season 3 cast now?

HIT Netflix dating show Love Is Blind has captivated audiences with drama, heartbreak and true love.

As the programme enjoys its fourth season, we recap what happened to the season three cast and where they are now – here’s what we know.

Love Is Blind is a hit Netflix dating show in its fourth season

Which couples from Love Is Blind season 3 are still together?

Alexa and Brennon

Alexa and Brennon are enjoying married life

One of the most loved-up pairs in the show, Alexa and Brennon have built a life together as husband and wife.

Alexa told Netflix’s Tudum: “It’s been absolutely amazing. I recommend marriage to everybody.”

They married in 2021 during Episode 10 of the show.

The duo’s minds are turning towards the future and they are planning a family together, with Alexa joking: “We’re working on it. Practice makes perfect.

Colleen and Matt

Colleen and Matt plan to move in together

Colleen and Matt fell head over heels for one another and got hitched.

They are currently living apart, though this is because they are not “money-wise ready” to move in together.

Each was locked into their own lease and Colleen selflessly refused to “screw over” her roommate.

Instead, they spend every night together at each other’s places.

They plan to move in together and live as husband and wife once the leases are up in 2023.

Colleen said: “I can’t wait to move in with him. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Raven and SK

Raven and SK called it quits after their wedding

This couple sadly announced on Instagram that they had gone their “separate ways” after their wedding.

They added that they were “grateful” for the support of their loved ones and friends.

Raven is following her love of fitness, while SK is studying at University of California, Berkeley.


Zanab has been working on her self-confidenceSER BAFFO/NETFLIX

After rejecting co-star Cole at the alter, Zanab said she was “just broken”.

She revealed that she “saw a lot of fault” in herself, adding: “I couldn’t be genuinely happy.

“I felt like, ‘What did I do wrong? Why didn’t this experiment turn out so wonderfully for me?’”

Zanab has since been through therapy and learned to love herself.

She said: “I’m in the healthiest and happiest place I’ve ever been.”

Unlucky on the show, she remains single and joked: “I did hear Chris Evans was looking for the love of his life.

“So if his people want to be in contact? That’s fine!”


Cole is dating again after a year-long breakSER BAFFO/NETFLIX

After Zanab told him he “shattered [her] self-confidence” and left him at the altar, Cole said he appreciated the “closure” provided by the cast reunion some time later.

He added: “I’m excited to finish this chapter and for Zanab and I to put it in the past so that we can both move on into new relationships.”

Cole revealed that he took a year-long break from romance but is now going dating again.

However, he does find it a bit of a snag that his dates can watch his last relationship unfold on her TV, saying: “It’s not easy when any girl that you’re ever going to date now has seen [that] with your ex.”

He also “buried himself in work” and plans to focus on himself and give himself time to “think, read, journal, process and pray.”


Nancy was ‘crushed’ when she was left at the altarSER BAFFO/NETFLIX

In a reversal of Zanab and Cole, it was Nancy who was left “crushed” at the altar when Bartise rejected her.

However, in the time since then, she has focussed on self-care to get over the heartbreak.

She explained: “I started working out by lifting weights, instead of doing so much cardio and running.

“It really allowed me to be disciplined, have consistency and believe in myself.”

Nancy also expanded her real estate portfolio and says she is “thriving”.


Bartise is still looking for true loveSER BAFFO/NETFLIX

Bartise got into hot water with Nancy’s family after turning her down on their wedding day after spending much of the season trying to “overcome” the fact that he doesn’t find her physically attractive.

He said that he has “apologized a million times” to Nancy and that he can “only imagine what she was going through.”

When he watched the show back, he expressed disappointment with how he made Nancy feel and said that he “tried to just block everything out”.

Now, though, he is “back into the dating pool” and says that his “type” is evolving.

He remains single but says he is now looking for the emotional connection he had with Nancy as well as the physical.

Bartise said: “There’s now a bigger emphasis placed on, ‘How can we connect emotionally and go from there?’

“One thing the show taught me in retrospect is that the emotional connection is absolutely important. I obviously had that with Nancy.”

He is appearing in Perfect Match, another dating show where the platform’s well-known reality stars come together to find love.

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