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Kourtney Kardashian claps back after being ripped for ‘disgusting’ detail in background of new bathroom photos

Kourtney Kardashian claps back after being ripped for ‘disgusting’ detail in background of new bathroom photos

KOURTNEY Kardashian has responded to criticism of a controversial new photoshoot.

The Hulu star made her thoughts known after many of her followers commented on a unique bathroom pic.

HuluKourtney Kardashian posted a new pic showing off a bathroom feast, and later had to respond to shocked comments[/caption]

Instagram/kourtney kardashThe aerial photo showed off a selection of plates and drinks surrounding a bath and placed on the toilet seat[/caption]

Kourtney posted a series of photos to Instagram yesterday, many of which were set in the bathroom.

The first two pics, which showed Kourtney in a pink negligee while drinking from the bathroom tap, and a shot of her shoulder in the bath, went mainly without comment.

The third photo of her Insta dump, however, featuring a selection of food on the floor around the bath, and placed on top of her toilet, horrified the 43-year-old’s fans.

The photo showed a half-eaten burger on top of the toilet seat, with a selection of food including chicken wings, strawberries, mochi, and champagne on the floor.

One of Kourtney’s followers commented: “Food on the toilet [shocked face] that’s nasty.”

Another asked: “How can you eat off a plate that’s been sitting on the toilet?!”

A third riled-up fan wrote: “I don’t understand this. Are you trying to be unique or shock value? Bunch of food all over an old bathroom with a tub from the 80s and a plate of food on the toilet.

“You want to let us know you’re gross and classy at the same time? It’s going to be a new trend trashclass TM.”

“Am I the only person who thinks food on the bathroom floor is disgusting,” another asked, with nauseous and vomiting emojis added.

One person theorized: “So someone literally put food all over a bathroom floor and climbed up to take this photo of this mess.”

“That bathroom scene is what nightmares are made of,” joked another comment.

After seeing the comments, Kourtney took to her Instagram Stories to respond.

The mother-of-three simply reposted the image to her story, with the caption “the comments about this photo” and a row of spiral eyes emojis, suggesting she wasn’t at all bothered about her fans’ hygiene concerns.


In the middle of a Kardashian feud, Hulu might have dropped a huge hint that the sisters will quarrel on screen.

Towards the end of the new season three trailer, Kourtney can be heard saying, “There’s no sense of loyalty.”

In the clip the trailer shows, she appears to be speaking to her mother, Kris Jenner, when she said this.

Kris was shown nodding her head with a sour expression on her face after Kourtney said her piece.

Speculation of a rift between Kourtney and her sisters KimKhloe, and Kylie has grown in recent months.

After Kourtney unveiled her new blonde hair, fans of the Hulu star noticed that Kim, 42, failed to comment on Kourtney’s photos and took to Reddit to air out the grievance in a post titled, “Notice who didn’t reply…”

The sibling rivalry most likely began when Khloe and Kim snubbed Kourtney and did not invite her on their vacation to Miami in July 2022.

Fans noticed Khloe and Kim then stopped commenting on Kourtney’s Instagram posts.

In an installment from their family show, Kim and Khloe seemed to have made amends with Kourtney for excluding her from the trip.

Since then, Kourtney and Kim have been trading jabs at each other in real life and online.

Kourtney seemingly ignored Kim several times when their mother celebrated her 67th birthday in November 2022.

Instagram/kourtney kardashKourtney made her thoughts known after fans branded the pic ‘gross’ and ‘nasty’[/caption]

Instagram/kourtney kardashThe star posted a variety of other photos, including a couple more from her bathroom, but most comments only spoke about the controversial food pic[/caption]

GettyThe trailer for the new series of The Kardashians suggested that rumored tensions between the sisters might reach boiling point[/caption]

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