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Who is in the cast of TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband?

Who is in the cast of TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband?

SEEKING Brother Husband is TLC’s newest reality series that follows wives and their desire to expand their polygamous relationships.

Here’s everything we know about the cast of TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband.

TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband premiered on Sunday, March 26, 2023TLC

Who is in the cast of TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband?

On March 26, 2023, TLC premiered a new show called Seeking Brother Husband which is similar to the hit series Seeking Sister Wife.

Let’s take a look at the wives who are searching for another hubby:


(L-R) Tiger, Kenya, and Carl have been in a polygamous relationship for ten years

Kenya is from Houston, Texas, and has been married to Carl for 26 years sharing three children together.

Additionally, the Texas wife also has another husband, Tiger, whom she’s been with for 10 years.

According to the TLC website, Kenya connects with Carl on a philosophical level while Tiger fulfills her physical and emotional needs.

Nonetheless, two isn’t enough as Kenya is “seeking even more thrill, adventure, and attention.”


Newly-weds Elisa and Mike have a bumpy road ahead as Elisa seeks additional partners in their marriageTLC

Elisa is a recently-wed wife from Los Angeles, California.

Though she and her husband Mike have just embarked on their marriage journey, Elisa expressed she wants multiple husbands.

However, Mike is described to be a slightly jealous person but willing to support his wife and her polygamous desires.


Vinson (L) is skeptical about Kim and Dustin’s desire to add another to their marraigeTLC

Kim is a North Carolina resident who currently is looking for a third husband to join her marriage.

Dustin is Kim’s OG husband but willingly welcomed his brother’s husband, Vinson, 11 years into his marriage with Kim.

Throughout this season, Kim and Dustin are open to finding another partner, however, Vinson isn’t too thrilled about this decision.


Chara is put in a tough spot as she has to decide which brother husband will be the father of her future childTLC

After their marriage began to drift apart, Atlanta couple Chara and husband Patrick decided to seek another partner to bring excitement to their life.

Chara met Nobel 13 years into her marriage to Patrick. Nobel, who openly lives life as a single man, desires to build a family with Chara.

This season will explore Chara’s contemplation on who will be the biological father to her future child.

How can I watch Seeking Brother Husband?

Seeking Brother Husband premiered its debut season on March 26.

You can watch Seeking Brother Husband live every Sunday on TLC at 10pm ET.

Additionally, the new series is available to stream on Philo, fuboTV, DirecTV, and Discovery+.

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