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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg calls out cameraman and looks confused in strange moment during live show

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg calls out cameraman and looks confused in strange moment during live show

THE View’s moderator Whoopi Goldberg has had an odd moment with a cameraman during a live blunder.

On March 21st, when the ABC program returned from a commercial, Whoopi, 67, squinted her eyes and seemed confused.

The View / ABCWhoopi Goldberg seemed confused as she squinted at the camera on The View[/caption]

The View / ABCThe star called out the cameraman during the live show[/caption]

The View host waved her hands and called out the cameraman: “I didn’t know what he was doing!

“I just saw this thing! I saw this thing moving! What is he doing? And it’s the camera!”

The cameras pointed backstage, where the cameraman positioned the camera rig, which was strapped to his chest. 

The actress moved on to the next segment and told the audience: “This is very important, and I need your attention!” 

This was not the only awkward moment that took place during the week.

On Wednesday’s broadcast, the ladies of the View were having an in-depth discussion about school weigh-ins for children.

During the tense debate, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin had strong views on the topic.

Whoopi chimed in: “I listen to these parents talk about what children need and protecting kids, and then I watch folks just damn them! You know, they just damn the kids!

“And I don’t understand. And this, apparently, has nothing to do with anything because the information’s not going back to the Health Board of Education. It makes no sense.”


Sara responded: “They also put soda machines, and snack machines in schools and expect that kids are gonna not deal with obesity.

“They don’t take the comprehensive approach to teach the kids, also presenting food options…”

All of a sudden, Whoopi interrupted Sara when she received a message in her ear.

The Ghost actress blurted out the producer’s name as she said: “I’m sorry, what? Wait, hold on, Rob’s talking to me! What do you want Rob?” 

Sara quipped: “That’s all he ever says!

Whoopi replied: “You want us to go?

“He’s always saying goodbye, but that’s okay because we always come back!”


Meanwhile, viewers noticed Alyssa Farah Griffin was absent from the TV show.

Whoopi explained her absence during their live talk show and revealed her medical diagnosis.

The moderator explained to viewers that Alyssa was out after she had tested positive for Covid-19.

She did not reveal when the missing hostess would return to the show or how her recovery goes.

Although Alyssa has remained active on social media during her break, she has not shared her Covid-19 diagnosis with fans.

The View / ABCWhoopi said: ‘I didn’t know what he was doing!’[/caption]

ABCWhoopi previously interrupted Sara Haines when she received a message from The View producer[/caption]

The View / ABCWhoopi pictured with the Ladies of The View[/caption]

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