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The View host Ana Navarro’s sexiest looks revealed as she flaunts her incredible figure in jaw-dropping dresses

The View host Ana Navarro’s sexiest looks revealed as she flaunts her incredible figure in jaw-dropping dresses

ANA Navarro has flaunted her incredible figure while donning a number of stunning dresses and pantsuits in recent months.

Both on and off the set, The View host has impressed fans of the daytime talk show with her stylish outfits.

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna Navarro flaunted her incredible figure while donning a number of stunning outfits in recent months[/caption]

ABCOn and off The View set, Ana has impressed viewers of the talk show with her stylish wardrobe ensembles[/caption]

And with her increased focus on health and weight loss, Ana, 51, has seemed more than eager to showcase the results of her dedication.


Earlier this month, the morning show host posted a video to social media that showed off her slimmed-down figure in a beautiful floral dress.

The beloved TV personality donned the wardrobe in a short video clip shared on her Instagram, in which she discussed her look for the day.

Ana looked wonderful as she wore natural but glamorous makeup and styled her dark hair down into waves.

The star opted for dark red nail polish and accessorized with simple jewelry, and added a pair of sky-high metallic platform heels to her look.

The most eye-catching part of her outfit, however, was her long blue floral dress, which fitted Ana’s figure perfectly.

Instagram/@ananavarroflAna exclaimed to her Instagram followers, ‘look how beautiful this dress is!’[/caption]

Instagram/@ananavarroflFans agreed that the dress was beautiful, with one person stating: ‘It’s very flattering on you!!’[/caption]

Ana spoke to her followers and pointed out her love for the new item.

She stated: “So this week I saw on Instagram that my friend and somebody I admire tremendously, Shonda Rhimes, is now working partnering with St. John.

“I’ve never thought of St. John as very youthful, and then today I come to The View and then Fran Taylor had picked out a St. John dress.

She then exclaimed: “And look how beautiful this dress is. Shonda, you’re onto something, girl!”

The 51-year-old‘s fans were quick to comment on her eye-catching look.

One person wrote: “It’s funny. I caught a few minutes of the show today and the second I saw your dress I said “wow ana looks amazing”. The print is stunning.”

Another agreed: “It’s very flattering on you!!”

Others, however, were more focused on the host’s evident weight loss.

An encouraging fan commented: “You’re looking gorgeous and just have to say your hard work is showing.”

A further comment read: “You look fabulous! You have lost weight, you look so happy. You enjoy life every day!”


Ana again flaunted her recent weight loss, this time in a chic red suit, as she enjoyed a night out with some of her female friends including Elsa Collins.

Elsa took to her Instagram Story and posted a picture of the group during their “post dinner hang” and Ana could be seen grinning on the left-hand side.

Instagram/ananavarroflAna stunned in a sexy red pantsuit for a girls’ night out with friend Elsa Collins[/caption]

The political strategist and commentator wore a pair of bright red tailored pants with a matching blazer and a black lace-trimmed top underneath.

Ana wore her brunette hair down in loose curls and appeared happy and relaxed as she spent her evening with friends.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Ana revealed she had enjoyed dinner with a very high-profile political figure.

“I’m so tired, I can’t even take my eyelashes off,” she began the video as she lay in bed.

“Tonight I’m in Washington DC, I went to dinner at Madame Vice President Kamala Harris’s house,” Ana continued.

“She had a small group of Latina leaders over for dinner to celebrate Women’s History Month and it was so significant and so poignant and it reminds me of how much we have to work on alliances and being together and standing strong with each other.”

The TV star finished the video by saying: “Anyways, good night, I love you,” and captioned the clip: “Buenas noches, peeps,” which means “good night” in Spanish.


Back in January, Ana modeled a tightly-fitted black dress as she took to Instagram to show off her glammed look for singer Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s wedding.

Ana shared a snap of her getting ready for the Miami ceremony, laying in bed with eye gels over her eyes that was captioned: “Getting ready for a big night out.”

InstagramAna Navarro flaunted her trim figure in a skintight black dress for Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s Miami wedding[/caption]

InstagramAna gave a shout-out to her glam squad for making her feel ‘very Rita Hayworth and like a princess’[/caption]

Shortly after, the talk show host shared her finished ensemble, including a skintight gown, gold jewelry, and her brunette locks styled in loose curls.

In the caption, Ana gave a shoutout to her glam squad: “Thank you to Miami artists: @touchofclassbyjanet1970 and @marlenesmakeup for cleaning me up. Feeling very Rita Hayworth and like a princess.”

Later that night, the TV host revealed the A-list couple who said “I do” and other big-name guests in attendance.

She shared a close-up shot of her laying in bed, looking exhausted, with her hair and makeup still intact.

Ana wrote: “Folks, when I left @marcanthony’s & @nadiatferreira’s wedding at 3am, @victoriabeckham & @davidbeckham were on the dance floor and @salmahayek was gliding in the air, while @luisfonsi looked on. I ran out of gas. Am now in my bed feeling I’m missing out. But I just couldn’t stand in these shoes one more minute. If you want to know more, read @holausa tomorrow. I don’t even have the energy to take off my make-up. Mañana. To all a good night.”

The View fans gushed over the host’s wedding look in the comments, including GMA meteorologist Sam Champion, who wrote: “You still look beautiful!”


Over the weekend, Ana again took to her Instagram to show off the wedding attire she donned while attending another couple’s nuptials with her husband, Al Cárdenas, 75.

She captioned the post: “That’s a wrap,” before adding, “If you haven’t been to an Indian Wedding, you’ve been deprived.”

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna flaunted her slimmed-down figure in a sexy off-the-shoulder gold gown for a four-day wedding[/caption]

Instagram/ ananavarroflAna, pictured here with her lawyer husband Al Cardenas, in the lobby of the wedding venue[/caption]

The host continued: “Make some wedding-age Indian friends pronto, and start practicing the moves. I can’t remember the last time I had so many consecutive glorious days of so much fun and color.”

The social media post included photos of Ana dressed in a glamourous gold-and-black dress with a matching gold headpiece and necklace.

Another photo showed the talk show host standing in the lobby of the wedding venue with her tuxedo-clad husband.


Fans heaped praise on Ana for her weight loss after seeing her dressed up to attend a ’70s-themed birthday party.

Ana and her husband Al donned costumes and headed to Emilio Estefan Jr.’s 70th birthday party where they took plenty of photos.

InstagramThe View fans praised ‘fabulous’ Ana as she revealed her major weight loss in a photo before attending a 70s-themed birthday party[/caption]

She shared several snaps on social media, where she could be seen hanging out with various partygoers as well as Al.

The View co-host has been steadily losing weight over the past few months, and she revealed her newly trim figure in a tight top and a pair of bell-bottom pants.

Ana captioned her photo set: “@emilioestefanjr turned 70 and had a 70’s themed birthday extravaganza. Al & I understood the assignment. Dear God. I hope we make it thru the night without my husband breaking his neck with those platforms.

“Thank you, @marlenesmakeup and @touchofclassbyjanet1970 for the 70’s hair & makeup look.”

Fans took the post to praise Ana for her trim figure and her great costume.

One person wrote: “Ana, you are stupefyingly beautiful.”

Another commented: “Nice outfits! Everything comes back. ‘Staying Alive’

While a third fan wrote: “You rocked it, Ana!”


Last month, Ana stunned her followers after she shared a snap of herself sporting a tight black dress as she stood beside Whoopi Goldberg on Instagram.

The 51-year-old’s waist appeared cinched as she posed in the body-hugging belted dress that stopped at her shins.

InstagramAna showed off her fit figure while wearing a tight black dress in a photo with her The View colleague Whoopi Goldberg[/caption]

She glammed up the dress with a pair of gold pumps.

Ana smiled in the photo, holding her hands away from her body to show off her evident trimmed-down frame.

The 67-year-old EGOT winner was slightly in front of the political strategist, wearing all-black as well; however, Whoopi wore a long black sweater over a white button-down shirt and black pants.

Ana explained in the caption that the picture of her and her The View co-host was snapped at the White House.

Tons of fans complimented Ana’s attire in the comment section of her post, praising her for her fashion choice.

“Girl. You look fantastic,” one fan admitted, and another expressed: “That dress is everything!”

A third person emphasized: “Ana, your dress looks fabulous on you!…” and another exclaimed: “I love your dress…”

Someone else lauded: “Favorite ladies, rocking in the White House!”

A fan who noticed Ana’s weight loss commented: “Please share your weight loss tips. You are shrinking before my very eyes. You look amazing!


Just days earlier, Ana opened up about how she’s been taking care of her health amid her busy schedule.

The TV star posted a photo of a colorful meal spread on Instagram consisting of grains, greens, and root veggies.

She gushed: “One of the many little conscious life-changes I’ve made to lose weight, is to buy a salad at airport or pre-order the healthy meal on American Air.

“Pre-ordering means I’m stuck with my choice and don’t fall into temptation.”

Ana continued to divulge: “Truthfully, I don’t love it. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol on planes. It adds up for me, since I usually spend 14-16 hours a week on a plane.”

The political commentator discussed her weight loss struggles in the comments, interacting with many of her fans.

One fan remarked: “Looks delicious. I recently lost 23 pounds on Weight Watchers. You’re looking great!”

Ana replied: “I tried Weight Watchers. We had a group going at The View for a while.

“But I was never great at tracking points. I’d end up spending all of my points on booze and then having oranges for dinner.”

Ana added a “laughing face” emoji as other fans reacted to her story.

ABCAna on the set of The View with co-host Sara Haines[/caption]

GettyAna has shown off her weight loss in recent months and shared her journey with her Instagram followers[/caption]

Instagram/ananavarroflAna revealed that she’s made ‘many little conscious life-changes’ to help herself lose weight[/caption]

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