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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at fan who demands she ‘put clothes on’ by stripping down to tiny bikini in new TikTok

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at fan who demands she ‘put clothes on’ by stripping down to tiny bikini in new TikTok

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans has clapped back at a critic who demanded that she cover up by stripping down in a new TikTok.

The MTV alum has been flaunting her body despite being shamed by haters online, flaunting her curves in videos and photos.

TIKTOK/jenelleevansTeen Mom star Jenelle Evans clapped back at a critic on TikTok[/caption]

TIKTOK/jenelleevansThe star dancing in a tiny bikini after being told to ‘put clothes on’[/caption]

Jenelle, 31, hilariously hit back at a hater of her vacation bikini posts in a new TikTok video.

The critic suggested that she “put clothes on,” which she responded to by posting a video of herself wearing a skimpy bikini while she did a NSFW dance.

The Teen Mom star was seen standing with her back to the camera, twerking while holding onto the railing of what appeared to be a balcony.

There were palm trees visible in the background and it was clear that Jenelle was rocking a pretty severe sunburn.

Still, she seemed relatively unbothered by the criticism, captioning the clip: “Kiss my [peach emoji],” which is often used as a stand-in for the word butt or a**.

The controversial reality star’s supporters appreciated her quip and let her know as much in the comments.

One simply wrote: “YES!!!!!!”

Another commented: “You’re beautiful.”

She shared the video after posted a number of bikini photos and clips on social media while soaking up the sun on a little warm weather getaway.


That same day, Jenelle praised her curves while having it out with body shamers online.

She specifically hit back at a comment calling out her “belly” after she posed in a bikini during a boat trip.

Jenelle posted a TikTok video of herself dancing to Bo$$ Chick by Saweetie.

She sang along to the lyrics, saying: “I ain’t going nowhere; just embrace me, b***h. Always lurkin’ on my page; you don’t hate me, sis. 

“I ain’t botherin’ nobody; I just breathe and s**t. Deep down in your heart, you wanna be like this.”

Jenelle then posted a second video replying to comments about her stomach.

The Teen Mom 2 alum said: “This belly also housed three kids. Can you believe that?

“And this belly also had an appendix removed. Wow, that’s crazy! And this belly also had a hernia repaired.

“So yeah, girls go through a lot; the human body goes through a lot.”

Jenelle then patted her stomach and said: “But, yeah, damn, a belly can get big sometimes. I’m sorry if that’s so surprising to you.”


The North Carolina native, who recently regained full custody of her oldest son Jace, has been proudly flaunting her figure online.

Earlier this month, she posted a pre-gym selfie online showcasing her workout gains in a tight workout ensemble.

She snapped the photo in a bathroom, posting it to her Instagram Stories after the fact.

In the photo, she posed in front of a mirror with her phone in her hand.

She wore a tight orange tank top paired with form-fitting gray leggings for her workout and kept her glasses on for the photo. 

The star was makeup-free and left her long hair down to show off her freshly-highlighted locks.

Jenelle captioned the pic: “Another #GymDay,” and added a flexing bicep emoji.

Teen Mom 2 fans reposted the pic on Reddit, where they discussed the reality personality’s weight loss aims.

One user joked: “Did you REALLY go to the gym if you don’t post about it?”

Another stated: “She looks like she’s losing weight though.”

A third commenter pitched in: “Even if Jenelle is actually working out, she consumes well over 2,000 calories just from all the alcohol and overly sweet coffee drinks she has on a daily basis.

“And that’s not even accounting for her absolutely abhorrent diet.”

Jenelle’s food habits came under fire recently, after her husband, 34-year-old David Eason, posted a pic of a meal out in a restaurant.

David captioned the snap: “I love seeing her so excited to eat!”

the large portion size and lack of healthy options were quickly addressed by fans following the news of her weight loss journey.

David and Jenelle immediately clapped back against the criticism.

After one follower wrote: “Too much [vomiting emoji],” David replied by explaining: “She only eats a few bites and gives the rest to me or saves it for later.”

The couple also responded after another person said: “Not going to be able to get rid of the ‘baby belly’ & love handles by eating that way no matter how much you go to the gym.”

David responded with a simple: “Wrong.”

Jenelle herself pitched in by saying: “But I’ll remember this comment when I’m showing off my 6 pack in a few months.”

TikTok/Jenelle EvansShe previously slammed body shamers who mocked her ‘belly’ after bikini pics[/caption]

Instagram/ j_evans1219Jenelle has been flaunting her figure while hitting the gym[/caption]

Instagram/@j_evans1219She and her husband David Eason slammed trolls who mocked her diet and workouts[/caption]

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