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Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell sparks concern after she reveals she’s ‘sick’ and Tyler Baltierra is ‘holding down the fort’

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell sparks concern after she reveals she’s ‘sick’ and Tyler Baltierra is ‘holding down the fort’

TEEN Mom star Catelynn Lowell has sent a heartfelt message to her husband Tyler Baltierra for stepping up while she’s unwell.

Earlier this week fans expressed concern for the MTV star after she shared a cryptic post on social media alluding to complex relationship dynamics and being viewed as “the villain.”

Instagram/ catelynnmtvTeen Mom star Catelynn Lowell shared kind words for her husband Tyler Baltierra[/caption]

Social Media – Refer to sourceThe MTV personality revealed that she’s been battling an illness[/caption]

Catelynn, 31, posted a series of sweet family snaps – most of which she was noticeably absent from – along with some kind words for her husband Tyler, also 31.

The photos appeared to be throwbacks, at least for the most part.

She revealed in the post that she was under the weather, thanking her high school sweetheart for stepping up to allow her to recover.

The Teen Mom star wrote: “Thank you Hubby for everything you do for me and our family!!! Mommas sick and dads been holding down the fort!

“I’m beyond grateful and blessed to have a man like you! I love you so much!”

The first photo in the bunch showed Tyler holding their second daughter Vaeda.

The father-daughter duo was all smiles as they bundled up against the Michigan cold.

Tyler held a clear magic wand in his hand in the snap.

A second pic featured Tyler again, this time standing with an arm around he and Catelynn’s daughter Novalee.

The tot was dressed in a cheer outfit and was making a heart with her hands.

She had a massive bow on her head and wore her hair slicked into a tidy updo.

Novalee had on a face of makeup, including lipstick and what looked like eyeshadow.

Catelynn made an appearance in the third photo in the bunch, posing alongside her longtime love.

The pair appeared to be enjoying a large body of water.

Tyler pulled a face at the camera while Catelynn licked the side of his face.

In another snap, the MTV dad cradled his youngest child Rya, kissing her sweetly on the cheek.

Catelynn also included a photo Tyler took of himself posing in a mirror while wearing a tight pair of pants and a black shirt and a photo of them together at fellow Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd‘s September 2022 wedding.

Tyler popped in the comments to thank his wife for her glowing remarks, assuring her that he was just doing what’s right.

He wrote: “Aw babe! I’m not doing anything special that other husbands wouldn’t do when their wife is sick lol but thank you!

“Now hurry home so I can make you more of your favorite smoothies & milkshakes hahaha I love you so much!”

Catelynn and Tyler are also parents to an older daughter named Carly who they placed for adoption while they were still in high school.


Catelynn’s post about being sick came amid major worry from fans for her.

Earlier this week, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star opened up to her fans about toxic family members amid a feud with her sister Sarah Haviland.

Last month, Catelynn and Tyler defended themselves against her younger sibling’s nasty claims that her older sister’s trauma was fabricated for the sake of a storyline.

The reality TV personality once had custody of her sister but gave it up due to Sarah’s “defiant” behavior.

Catelynn’s recent post read: “Nah, sis, we good. I wish you the best, but we are not friends.”

She went on: “The way you made me the villain that I wasn’t kinda threw me off.

“I get it. You needed someone to blame and to project onto. But that’s not mind to carry & I finally realize that.”

Her post concluded: “I wish you well. I hope you still eat, yeah. But my table has assigned seating now.”

The post was shared on a Teen Mom Reddit page where one fan asked: “Who is this about?”

A second person responded: “I’m assuming her sister.”

Another fan questioned: “Couldn’t she just tag her Sis or dm her directly? 

They continued: “It would’ve been easier. But no, she just had to put it out so everyone would see and she’d get some attention.”

“Huge loss on her sister’s part,” wrote a fourth.”

A fifth person asked: “Are we sure Catelynn is talking about Sarah?”

While a final commenter replied: “That could be about anyone. Least she’s setting boundaries tho.”


Teen Mom supporters were once again worried about Cate after she went Live on Instagram earlier this month.

Several viewers noted that she looked “exhausted” and wondered if she was OK.

In the video, Catelynn prepared dinner for her family while chatting with her followers.

She stood at her kitchen sink while looking into the camera.

For several moments, she said nothing – seemingly waiting for viewers to chime in with questions and/or comments.

Her short purple hair was tied back in a messy ponytail with her fringe hanging loose.

She had on a black sweatshirt with a Jurassic Park logo that read: “Motherhood is a walk in the park.”

After several quiet moments, Catelynn appeared to answer a question, saying: “Yea we are filming for the show,” without elaborating on any details, and continues to clean up her kitchen.

The post made its way to Reddit, where fans expressed concern over how “tired” Catelynn looked.

One person wrote: “She literally puts zero effort into her appearance. She doesn’t even have a real job and she still manages to look like she just rolled out of bed in every one of her videos.”

“Agreed. She looks terrible,” another answered. “I don’t get why she doesn’t try for herself (first) & then her husband. I always want to look good for my fiancé. It’s just weird she looks 40 years old.”

Another critic wrote: “My first thought was literally ‘she looks exhausted’ and figured it was probably the whole having three kids thing, but she also still smokes so that could also play a big part lol.”

However, one fan came to her defense, writing: “She has 3 kids. Work is a vacation from my 1 kid. If I was a stay at home mom I’d probably look worse than her and I have always put effort into my appearance.”

Another agreed writing: “I think we’re just so used to seeing the other moms with Botox, fillers, injections, intense hair and makeup routines, etc. I think she looks like a pretty typical overweight mother of 3 in her early 30’s that doesn’t get work done on their face or body. She’d fit right in in my neighborhood.”

Instagram/ catelynnmtvTyler assured her in the comments that he was doing the husbandly thing[/caption]

InstagramFans have expressed concern for Catelynn, noting some worrisome social media posts[/caption]

InstagramThe couple recently defended themselves amid backlash from Catelynn’s sister[/caption]

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