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Little People fans rip star Audrey Roloff for allowing son Bode 3, to load fireplace while she exercises in new video

Little People fans rip star Audrey Roloff for allowing son Bode 3, to load fireplace while she exercises in new video

LITTLE People’s Audrey Roloff has concerned fans with a new clip showing her young son seemingly loading firelogs.

Audrey posted the video to her Instagram Stories yesterday, which focused on her working out.

Instagram/@audreyroloffAudrey Roloff was criticized by fans after she posted a video to social media showing her son playing by the fire[/caption]

TikTok/audreyroloffThe focus of the video was Audrey’s exercise regime, but her followers noticed Bode in the background[/caption]

In the video, Audrey stood in front of the camera on a yoga mat, and did squats while dressed in full workout gear.

Baby Radley crawled into the frame at one point, but most attention was centered on three-year-old Bode.

The young boy walked toward the fireplace of their $1.5 million home, and attempted to lift a large log onto its ledge.

One of the 31-year-old‘s followers noticed his actions, and reposted a screenshot onto Reddit with the caption: “Bodi loading the fire. Hope he doesn’t drop a log in his little toes!”

Other Little People, Big World fans were quick to voice their worry.

One person replied: “Hopefully, Jeremy was close by – just out of camera shot – watching his toddler struggle with that log.

“To let him play by the fire by himself would be so irresponsible.”

“Kids and fire aren’t the best combo. Curiosity gets you at some point. And there is a much better place to stack the wood than directly in front of the fireplace,” another added.

A further commenter wrote: “She’s so busy in the workout he could quietly get a little too close to the fire by climbing on the ledge. One slip and it’s over.”


This isn’t the first time that Audrey and her husband Jeremy, 32, have been cirticized for their parenting decisions.

On Monday, Audrey came under fire after sharing a photo of one-year-old Radley wearing a tight “Baltic Amber teething necklace.”

The reality TV star posted a snap of Radley and Bode in the bathtub with their hair teased into mohawks.

They grinned at the camera while surrounded by plastic toys in the water.

Teething necklaces reportedly release succinic acid into the body to provide relief from the pain of teething. 

But according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), teething necklaces and any other type of jewelry are considered unsafe and should not be worn by infants.

Critics slammed Audrey over Radley’s jewelry, with one writing on Reddit: “A tight necklace on a baby can’t be good?”

Another added: “Amber teething necklaces are SO DANGEROUS! Please never use one of these!”

A third posted: “They should honestly be illegal. They’re dangerous and serve zero purpose.”

“They have been proven to be extremely unsafe and you can Google all the poor children who have died,” yet another user raged.

“How they are allowed to sell these I have no idea.”

TikTok/audreyroloffThe three-year-old boy got very close to the fire as he struggled with a heavy log by himself[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffAudrey and Jeremy share three children, and have faced judgement for their parenting decisions in the past[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffFans were horrified and begged others not to purchase amber teething necklaces after Audrey posted a pic of her son Radley in the ‘dangerous’ item[/caption]

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