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Alison Hammond update as cops confirm blackmail probe ‘after friend forces her to hand over thousands in extortion plot’

Alison Hammond update as cops confirm blackmail probe ‘after friend forces her to hand over thousands in extortion plot’

POLICE have launched an investigation over a sinister blackmail plot against Alison Hammond.

The Sun revealed how This Morning star Alison handed over thousands of pounds to the so-called friend.

PAAlison Hammond was blackmailed by a friend for thousands of pounds[/caption]

Alison, 48, also bought the culprit a £5,000 BMW after he threatened to “ruin” her if she didn’t cough up.

West Midlands Police today confirmed an investigation had been launched.

Cops revealed they are taking the allegations “very seriously” and the probe is “progressing swiftly”.

New Bake Off host Alison showed officers the sinister blackmail messages this week after summoning the courage to report him.

Friends revealed how the star was scared for her family after blocking payments to the friend following an eight-month ordeal.

Blinking back tears, she told a pal: “I trusted this guy who, it turns out, was only interested in my money.

“I thought he valued our friendship. I now know he only wanted me to fund his life of luxury.”

Despite the man’s issues with drugs, he and Alison forged an unlikely friendship.

She says she offered to pay for him to attend rehab — only for him to take advantage of her caring nature.

She told the pal: “Out of the blue he said he could tell lies to make people think less of me. It was alarming.

“I’m a very generous person and was happy to spend money on him. I wanted to help him.”

Alison tried to break off the friendship multiple times but he always wheedled his way back into her life.

The scammer threatened to “tell the world” lies about Alison that could derail her glittering career.

The threats and exploitation reached breaking point last week – forcing the brave presenter to report him.

She told a colleague: “He sent me a message stating that if I didn’t give him £3,500 he would ruin me.

“I was flabbergasted. I’m still in shock. To have a friend seeking to blackmail and extort me is just heartbreaking.

“I had to realise I’d reached the end and go to the police.”

Alison rose to fame after she appeared on the third series of Big Brother in 2002.

Her bubbly personality helped win her a legion of fans and she landed a spot on This Morning.

Alison has also appeared on I’m A Celebrity and Strictly Come Dancing in 2014.

The blackmailer threatened to ruin the This Morning host’s careerRexDoug SeeburgAlison told a colleague: ‘I was flabbergasted. I’m still in shock’[/caption]

The new GBBO host spoke to police over the eight month ordeal

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