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Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak mocks player after he screams and stomps his feet following brutal bonus round loss

Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak mocks player after he screams and stomps his feet following brutal bonus round loss

WHEEL of Fortune’s Pat Sajak has made fun of a finalist after he got emotional during the final puzzle.

During the episode that aired on March 24, Henry, who made it to the final round, dropped the ball.

ABCA contestant on Wheel of Fortune got very emotional in tonight’s episode[/caption]

ABCThe contestant, Henry, won $35,000 before the bonus round[/caption]

Although he didn’t solve the last group puzzle, Henry entered the final round with $35,000.

The contestant, who was wearing a red tropical shirt, was very entertaining throughout the show, and he had a lot of energy.

For the Wheel of Fortune bonus round, he had three categories to choose from – phrase, thing, and events.

Before Pat was finished giving Henry his options, Henry decided he wanted his puzzle category to be phrase.

Finally, the white squares appeared on the board, and they were filled in with the letters “RSTLNE.” Henry then chose “HMDA” for his letter choices.

Although Henry looked discouraged, Pat said: “Every letter that you chose is actually in the puzzle.”

By the time all the given letters were on the board, a little less than half the puzzle was solved.


In the allotted time, Henry made only one guess right before time ran out. He guessed: “Having one on my side.”

Unfortunately, the correct answer was “Having you by my side.”

Since his guess was so close to the actual answer, Henry appeared to be extremely frustrated with himself.

Once he discovered he would have won the Ford if he guessed correctly, Henry then stomps his feet behind Pat and yells.

Abruptly, he stops the commotion and said: “It’s fine, cool beans. Thank y’all!”

This prompted Pat to walk directly up to the camera and say: “I think he’s taking it rather well, don’t you?”

Henry can then be heard in the background screaming, “I am upset!”


This week, Pat got handsy with a very successful contestant by putting him in a headlock on national television.

After the contestant, Fred, got every puzzle correct and won the bonus round, the longtime host puzzlingly and sincerely tackled him.

After dismissing the other contestants Pat hilariously sounded like he was actually looking for a smackdown.

“You brute!” Pat said. “You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that,” Pat said as brought Fred to the bonus round.

The four-word puzzle was nothing Fred couldn’t take down as on his third guess he got it as “His mind is wandering.”

“A clean sweep, $75,000!” the host declared as the contestant – between showing off his muscles – emotionally hugged his dad.

Then, as Fred was celebrating and literally flexing, Pat rushed over and put his arm around the contestant’s back trying to suplex him.

Pat then put the player into some sort of a chokehold as his dad stood by and the audience gasped.

Pat was not able to take the player to the ground, and after the show returned from the commercial it was just him and Vanna White.

When the show cut back, Pat having said nothing during the actual act – Vanna said to him: “I had no idea you were a wrestler.”

ABCHenry made one guess during the bonus round but did not guess correctly[/caption]

ABCAfter he lost the bonus round, Henry stomped his feet and yelled on stage[/caption]

ABCRecently, Pat attempted to wrestle another contestant after he won $75,000[/caption]

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