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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak makes bizarre request for contestant to show off talent on-stage

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak makes bizarre request for contestant to show off talent on-stage

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant has solved two types of puzzles on Thursday’s episode.

Pat Sajak asked Nathan to “take out” his Rubik’s cube, which he then completed by the end of his interview segment.

ABC‘Take something out of your pocket’ Pat Sajak tasked[/caption]

ABCNathan then acquiesced and solved a Rubik’s cube in 15 seconds[/caption]

The graduate student from Plano, Texas, shared he’s studying accounting and working as a barista.

But that wasn’t the trait about the Wheel of Fortune player that interested Pat, 76.

“Take something out of your pocket,” the host prompted.

“Absolutely,” Nathan said – and out came a Rubick’s cube which was completely jumbled, he started solving it.

“And what is the world record with one of these things?” Pat asked, really into it.

“Like three and a half seconds, my eyes-open record is slow but I’m really good at solving it blindfolded and I actually have a Texas state record for solving it blindfolded,” Nathan flexed.

Within about 15 seconds and by the end of Pat-chat, Nathan had solved the cube to completion and held it up for all to see.

Nathan then unscrambled a swath of puzzles and won the episode with $29.9K – he went to the bonus round.


In a tragic spin of events, he chose four letters “DBCO” which did not help him at all.

There were only two “Ds” added so the puzzle, left at _ _ _ L _ _ _ ED _ _ D _ E for “Person”

He even guessed “judge” but couldn’t get to “Qualified Judge.”

“That was really impressive,” Pat complimented.

“Qualified’ oh my goodness,” he said. 

“I dont know how in the heck you got ‘judge,’” Pat added. 

He lost out on a Ford but did drive fans to Twitter where they were not soon forgetting the Rubik’s cube moment.

“I turn on #wheeloffortune and see a guy doing a Rubik’s cube. Maybe I’ll go on the show and juggle chainsaws,” one wrote.

“Sometimes guests are freaky to me on Wheel of fortune. The cube guy,” spun another.


Two episodes ago, Pat became a trending topic after trying to wrestle a contestant.

Drama teacher Fred flexed his skills by impressively solving every single puzzle, getting a rare perfect game.

Fred had the highest score by the end in a blowout, and upon dismissing the other contestants Pat hilariously sounded like he was actually looking for a smackdown.

“Just because he’s a professional wrestler… you want me to body slam him for you?” the game show host asked the other players. 

The players responded with a “yes” to Pat’s question.

Fred got the four-word prize puzzle as “His mind is wandering.”

“There you go!” Pat announced, giving him another $40K.

“A clean sweep, $75,000!” the host declared as the contestant – between showing off his muscles – emotionally hugged his dad.

Then, as Fred was celebrating and literally flexing, Pat rushed over and put his arm around the contestant’s back trying to suplex him.

Pat then put the player into some sort of a chokehold as his dad stood by and the audience gasped.

“Not only another Perfect Game, but another showdown with Pat vs. another contestant!” commented one person on Twitter.

Another fan questioned, “What was with Pat at the end?” and a third “even in jest, laying hands on a guest, and in surprise, is in poor taste.”

ABCNathan has ”the Texas state record for solving it blindfolded’[/caption]

ABCNathan’s additional letters did not help him get to ‘Qualified Judge’ but Pat was ‘impressed’ he guessed ‘judge’[/caption]

ABCTwo episodes ago the longtime host divided fans after he tried wrestling a contestant from behind[/caption]

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