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Today’s Jenna Bush Hager halts live show to call out her own beauty blunder- and leaves co-host Hoda Kotb speechless

Today’s Jenna Bush Hager halts live show to call out her own beauty blunder- and leaves co-host Hoda Kotb speechless

TODAY show host Jenna Bush Hager halted the live broadcast to fix her hair after complaining that it looked “crazy.”

The 4th Hour with Hoda & Jenna star, 41, paused in the middle of her discussion with Hoda Kotb to fix her messy mane.

NBCJenna Bush Hager halted the live show to fix her hair after complaining that it looked ‘crazy’[/caption]

NBCHer co-host Hoda Kotb cracked up over her admission[/caption]

Soon after they opened the Today show on Thursday, Jenna stopped and said: “My hair looks crazy.”

Hoda and the audience cracked up laughing as she tried to smooth down her wavy tresses.

Turning to the production crew, Jenna complained: “Well, y’all told me to re-do it and it looks crazy!”

She then requested a hair tie from Hoda, before settling for one of her co-host’s beaded bracelets instead to put her hair up in a low ponytail.

Jenna quipped: “This is just what real people do, they have to put their hair up when they look absolutely crazy.”

Hoda was seriously impressed with the results, exclaiming: “By the way! That looks cute!”

She added, “Wait! That looked cute in one second!” as Jenna smiled and showed off her new updo.

Reflecting on her hair ‘mare, Jenna said self-deprecatingly: “I was looking at myself and I was very distracted.”

She added, “It was like,” and mimed her hair sticking out at wild angles with her hands.

Jenna’s beauty blunder comes just weeks after she fooled fans into thinking she’d chopped off her hair into a sharp bob.

She shared a snap of herself playing cards with her husband Henry Chase Hager and their close friends.

The presenter looked like she had lopped off her hair – although it was just an illusion and the ends were, in fact, tucked into her sweater.

Last month, Jenna teased the prospect of getting a bob when Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist Chris Appleton appeared on the Today show.

“You guys never change up your hairstyle,” he complained before giving Jenna a quick on-air makeover.


“I feel like you guys never change up your hairstyle,” he said as he began to twist the anchor’s hair into a ponytail.

“It’s good to change up your look!” said Chris.

He then spun Jenna to the side to show off her new ponytail to the viewers, before reaching for a hairpiece.

Jenna seemed terrified as he added the extension, and she shouted: “Wait! What is it?”

But Chris continued to clip in the piece and wrap her hair around the added ponytail.

“It looks cute!” Hoda Kot remarked.

“Erm, Chris. I normally don’t change,” Jenna said.

She added: “You know, I think you’ve inspired me. I think I should cut my hair like a bob.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Today fans also slammed Jenna and Hoda’s show for being pre-recorded – despite Hoda’s absence.

Hoda has not been on the show since last Friday.

Savannah Guthrie explained that she was away on vacation and should be back next week.

NBCJenna complained that she looked ‘absolutely crazy’[/caption]

NBCShe borrowed one of Hoda’s bracelets to tie her hair back[/caption]

NBCHoda said her low ponytail looked ‘so cute’[/caption]

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